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Water disaster prevention and control safety technical measures

1. Basic environment

Mingde well reconstruction project of Mingde coal mine in Lefeng Township, Xuanwei City is located in the east of Yunnan Plateau, with fierce terrain cutting, developed valleys, and the landform is high in the southwest and low in the northeast. The highest point is the No. 5 mining boundary in the southwest, with an altitude of 2185m, and the lowest point is the gully in the north central part, with an altitude of 1835m. Compared with BASF, which ranked 75th in the world's top 500 in 2014, the height difference is 350m, It belongs to plateau denudation low middle mountain landform

The surface water body of the border area in the area is mainly the brook in the middle of the mining area flowing from south to north, which flows into the Beipan River Basin of Mingde River, which belongs to the Pearl River system, and the lowest corrosion base level is 1835m. The surface water in this area is the Tangtang river. The Mingde River in the north of the mining area flows into the Tangtang River, and the Tangtang river flows northeastward into the Kedu River, belonging to the Pearl River system

2. Water disaster inquiry finally, industry insiders said that they visited the environment

our mine is now produced in the first mining area, and the production mine is located in a low-lying place. There is a hill gully beam next to the wellhead, which is dry for many years, but there is a gully flood when it rains violently. Because the gully is too steep, the water is fierce, but there is no water when the rain stops. It is a mountain stream, which is close to the wellhead and coal yard of our mine, Our mine has made arrangements in the three prevention tasks in the rainy season, and adopted measures for prevention. According to the on-site observation and technical survey in half a year, it can be confirmed that:

1. There are no small kilns and old wells in this mining area to pass through the existing mining area of our mine

2. There is no water storage place in the old kiln

3. There is no collapse and fissure section

the risk of water damage in the reconstruction project of our mine is mainly the prevention and control of water damage during underground excavation

with the batch production and large-scale difficulties, it gradually breaks through. 3. Prevention measures

1 Surface

1.1 the staff of the flood control team are on duty day and night, equipped with all kinds of flood control materials and flood control utilization things. The office address is located in the mine Enron office, with one person on duty every day and 10 flood control staff. The mine Enron office is based on two force columns, and the dial gauge measuring room is equipped with the mine law and mobile law, which are directly connected

1.2 a hundred sandbags of flood control equipment were prepared, and shovel, pickaxes and other things were prepared

1.3 build the existing ditch embankment with high water proofing, and then rush across the ditch and lift it at large

1.4 prepare machinery to help prevent flood, such as loaders on standby, which will be dispatched as soon as the flood arrives

2. Underground

2.1 do a good job in the geological and hydrogeological survey of the mine, find out the underground water source, and achieve "if there is doubt, it is necessary to explore first, and then dig". When encountering any of the following environments, it is necessary to advance the drilling and water exploration progress. Equipped with water exploration drill, model; ZDY-650。

2.1.1. When the tunneling task face is close to the karst cave, water bearing fault, quicksand layer, alluvium or large amount of ponding area

2.1.2 when it is close to flooded shafts and alleys or waterlogged old kilns

2.1.3 when driving in the lower part of the water area where mud can accumulate

2.1.4 when water signs are found at the heading face

2.2 safe methods to be adopted in water exploration

2.2.1 strengthen the roadway support around the borehole, adopt T-shaped support, and the data of T-shaped support adopts I-steel. Back the top and lay firm columns and guard boards on the task surface. The columns are supported by I-steel, and the guard board is made of wood with a thickness greater than 5cm

2.2.2 clear the floating coal, dig the drainage ditch, ensure that the water is unobstructed, and at the same time, store water silos and drainage equipment of considerable capacity

2.2.3 the water exploration address shall maintain signal contact with the mission address of its adjacent area. Once out of the water, tell all mission staff in the water hazard threat area to evacuate the risk address to the Enron address

2.2.4 when drilling, pay attention to observing the drilling environment. If the rock wall is loose or the external water flow of the drill rod exceeds the normal drilling water supply and releases harmful or flammable gases, stop drilling immediately (do not move or pull out the drill rod) to block the power supply, evacuate the staff, and state the mine leadership

2.2.5 when exploring water at the address with high water pressure, set casing, drill deep-water holes through the casing, and install water pressure gauge and valve on the casing

2.3 drainage method

2.3.1 before drainage, the amount of ponding, water level elevation, drainage ability of the mine and the capacity of the sump should be estimated. Discuss the drainage sequence and control the flow of the drainage hole, make the drainage design and submit it to the lower level for approval

2.3.2 when the water source is detected, the water probe hole can be operated to discharge water when the water volume is small, and another water discharge hole needs to be drilled when the water volume is large

2.3.3 before the formal drainage, the water volume, water pressure and coal seam permeability tests should be stopped. If the pipe wall leakage and poor drainage results are found, they should be dealt with in time

2.3.4 pay attention to the change of water volume at any time during the drainage process, the turbidity of the effluent and the impurity environment, whether there is harmful gas gushing out and whether there is special sound, etc. if abnormal conditions are found, measures should be taken in time to prevent unexpected accidents; The tile inspector shall check the gas and toxic and harmful gases at any time, and if he finds any abnormality, he shall immediately adopt measures. The task address is Enron, and the task is sustainable

2.3.5 staff evacuation routes should be specified in advance to ensure that the routes are unobstructed

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