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Safety technical measures for replacing the auxiliary shaft anti falling tank

in order to prevent accidents when replacing the anti falling tank, the pin plate test and installation can operate normally after being affected by factors such as the sharp decline of new energy vehicle subsidies. To ensure safety, the following measures are specially formulated:

first, there must be a deputy mine manager at the scene, which is specifically in the charge of the electromechanical team

II. First, before changing the anti falling tank in the more two zigzag experiments, check whether the cage has changed into an auxiliary shallow engraved line for sample positioning, and whether the accessories are complete. If there is any damage or shortage of accessories, replace or add them in time, and replace them when the new tank is in good condition

III. first raise the old tank more than 2 meters above the wellhead, tie the hemp rope to the bottom of the tank, slowly lower the cage, and then use 10 people to slowly pull the old cage to the pedestrian adit for transportation

IV. when changing the cage, a special person must be assigned to send a signal, and the winch driver must follow the command of the signal. Each signal must be sent twice, and the winch driver can start it after confirming that it is correct

v. connect the new cage that has been transported to the pedestrian adit with the main rope, and use seven rope clamps, one positive and one negative, to firmly clamp the steel wire rope, and finally bend the rope head and lock it with the main rope to prevent the rope head from sliding out

VI. when the winch is started, the staff in the adit must pull the hemp rope tied to the bottom of the tank 10 meters away, and slowly raise the cage as the winch is slowly started

VII. After lifting the cage, put the stable rope through the cage ear guide sleeve from top to bottom, and lock the screws. During operation, one person must be responsible for supervision, one person must work and wear a safety belt, otherwise operation is not allowed

VIII. Finally, all parts of the installed cage must be comprehensively inspected, and the trial can be carried out only after it is qualified

IX. before the cage is put into use, it must carry out at least two empty and heavy tank tests, and it can be put into use normally after passing the test

X. operators above must carefully implement and study safety measures before operation

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