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Safety technical measures to prevent accidental exposure of coal seams

I. overview

Pengjiawan coal mine is located near the north wall of EW trending fault in bainitian, zhulinjiao. The structures in the mining area are mainly EW trending F1 normal fault and NE trending F2 normal fault. The section tends to northwest, with an inclination of 70 ~ 75 and a fault distance of 21 ~ 24m. The stratum inclines to the Northeast 50, and the dip angle is 8 ~ 15, with an average of about 10. The exposed strata in the mining area are quaternary system, night formation of Lower Triassic system, Changxing Formation of Upper Permian system, Longtan Formation of Upper Permian system and Maokou Formation of Upper Permian system. The coal bearing strata are Longtan Formation of Upper Permian system

according to the document of Guizhou Provincial Coal Administration: the reply to the 2008 mine gas grade appraisal report in Bijie area (qcz [2008] No. 1547), the absolute gas emission of Pengjiawan coal mine is 9.78m3/mim, the relative gas emission is 64.01m3/t, the absolute carbon dioxide emission is 1.32m3/mim, the relative emission is 8.64m3/t, and the appraisal grade is high gas mine. Design and management according to coal and gas outburst

the main inclined shaft, auxiliary inclined shaft and return air inclined shaft are constructed from the opening of the roof of C14 coal seam to the elevation of +1300m, and through which the mine development system is formed, and the C14 and C16 coal seams are exposed through the inverted crosscut. The West Wing of the shaft is equipped with 1401 mining face, and the east wing is equipped with 1402 air return roadway heading face and 1402 transportation roadway heading face

the water pump room and bottom sump are arranged at the bottom of the auxiliary inclined shaft

II. Reasons for MIS exposing coal seams

due to the lack of detailed and detailed geological exploration work in the mine field, the geological structure, coal seam layers, coal seam burial depth, coal seam occurrence, faults, folds, etc. in the area are not well understood; The gas content, gas pressure, gas release and gas penetration of coal seams need to be determined; In addition, in the specific operation process, due to inadequate management and deviation, it is possible to uncover the coal seam by mistake. In order to avoid the coal seam by mistake, safety technical measures to prevent the coal seam by mistake are specially formulated

III. safety technical measures

1. When the load falls below the lower limit P, the development and tunneling of shaft and roadway must be strictly carried out to ensure that the exploration is carried out when there is excavation, and the exploration is carried out before excavation. The depth, number and orientation of the boreholes must comply with the provisions of the "schematic diagram of boreholes for preventing MIS uncovering of coal seams". A safety lead of 20 must be reserved

2. Strengthen the inspection and acceptance of drilling and improve the quality of drilling construction. During drilling, a full-time gas inspector must be arranged to watch on site, pay close attention to all kinds of abnormal conditions during drilling, and master first-hand information at any time. Pay special attention to each layer penetrated by drilling, and make records for future reference

3. Strengthen gas geological prediction, accurately grasp the occurrence location of coal seams, and prevent accidental exposure of coal seams. The gas inspector shall constantly detect the gas emission in the drilling hole. If the gas is abnormal or out of limit, he must stop all work, cut off the power supply and evacuate personnel

4. In the process of drilling, if there are other dynamic phenomena such as geological fragmentation, top drilling, sticking, blowout, etc., the drilling must be stopped immediately, but it is not true that the manufacturer has adopted different joints for different connecting lines to solve this problem and has to pull out the drill pipe

5. Strengthen monitoring to ensure effective monitoring. According to the requirements of complete equipment, accurate data, reliable power failure and rapid disposal, strengthen the daily overhaul and maintenance of monitoring equipment, ensure the integrity of monitoring equipment and accurate data transmission, realize the 24-hour continuous and effective monitoring of underground gas, and deal with problems in a timely manner

6. Strictly implement the four in one comprehensive outburst prevention measures. Strengthen the training of outburst prevention knowledge and improve the employees' awareness and ability of outburst prevention. Do a good job in the excavation of near outburst coal seams and outburst prevention under abnormal geological structure conditions, and take effective measures to prevent coal and gas outburst accidents

7. If abnormal geology, ground pressure and gas are found during excavation, the work must be stopped immediately, and the excavation can be resumed only after corresponding measures are taken to confirm that there is no danger

8. It must be ensured that there is enough fresh air flow at each heading face, and the air volume must meet the needs of the site. It is strictly prohibited to stop the air without plan and operate in a windless breeze

9. It is necessary to ensure that all electrical equipment underground has good explosion-proof performance and prevent all fire sources from entering the well

10. Other matters not covered herein shall be implemented in accordance with the coal mine safety regulations and the regulations on outburst prevention management

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