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Safety technical measures for replacing the sprocket of the transfer machine in the working face

11205 the supporting transfer machine of the fully mechanized mining face is szz1200/400 type transfer machine produced by China Coal Zhangjiakou, and the sprocket component model is 208s010103( φ 38*137)。 It is found that the sprocket is seriously worn during production, so it needs to be replaced with a new sprocket. In order to ensure the safe and smooth replacement of sprocket, this safety technical measure is specially prepared and all participants are required to carefully study and implement it

I. replace the required materials and tools

one sprocket component of the head of the transfer machine, two 5-ton chain hoists, two 2-ton chain hoists, two 5T slings, and the heavy steel industry is also required to reduce the crude steel production capacity by five years. A set of 100-150 million ton socket wrench, one 4P and 12p hammer, two 1.8m crowbars, one 350mm flat file and one half round file, six 40t chains, and eight horseshoe rings (equipped with M20 70mm bolts and nuts), 1 300mm slotted screwdriver, 1 250mm pliers, 2 300mm loose end wrenches, 2 barrels of plane sealant, 2 barrels of 450ml bolt loosening agent, 1 set of electric welding machine and accessories, 1 set of oxygen acetylene and accessories (standby)

II. Operation time

it is preliminarily planned to recover and replace at the 850 meter joint roadway. The specific time depends on the production situation

III. transportation of sprocket

1. Drive the intact material truck to the fully mechanized mining equipment warehouse, and fork up the sprocket (1.2t) with a 10t forklift and load it to the material truck

2. The material truck passes through the auxiliary inclined shaft - 2# auxiliary transportation roadway - 11205 auxiliary transportation chute - to the 11205 fully mechanized mining face

3. Select two anchor cables on the top plate as the lifting point, and use two 5T hand pull 2 The measuring hoist hoists the old sprocket and loads it into the material truck to lift the well along the same route

4. After reaching the ground fully mechanized mining equipment warehouse, use a 10t crane to lift and unload the sprocket to the appropriate position of the equipment warehouse

IV. replacement procedure

1. Before shutdown, empty the coal on the conveyor and transfer machine, turn the transfer machine chain into a butt link to a position that can be removed, lock the three machines and lock them

2. Punch out the upper guard board of the working face support, lock the support in the operation area and close the liquid inlet stop valve

3. Turn the handle of the power isolation switch of the conveyor and the transfer machine to the off position on the chute switch and lock it, and hang the warning sign of "no power transmission when someone is working"

4. Remove the coal gangue on the upper cover of the sprocket, and use 2T manual hoist to hang the water pipe and cable on the upper cover of the sprocket

5. After turning the link on the chain out of the head sprocket with a hydraulic motor, retract the tension cylinder of the transfer machine to make the scraper chain loose and disconnect the chain from the link

6. Remove the upper cover and rear cover of the sprocket box at the head of the transfer machine, remove the two M30 sprocket pressure block fixing bolts, and then take out the two sprocket pressure blocks

7. Remove the four oil filling pipes on both sides of the sprocket and wrap them tightly

8. Use chain block and crowbar to gently pull out the sprocket

9. Clean and check whether the components, bolts and shaft sleeves to be installed are complete

10. Lift the new sprocket to a suitable position with a chain block, and use a crowbar to move and install the sprocket; Install the sprocket pressure block and tighten the fixing bolts and the oil injection and drainage pipe

11. Install the rear cover and upper cover of the sprocket box

12. Refill the new sprocket with lubricating oil until the new oil flows out

13. Connect the chain of the transfer machine with 38x137 chain link, tension the chain of the transfer machine appropriately, and then release the hydraulic motor of the transfer machine

14. After carefully checking and cleaning the tools and other materials in the working area, evacuate the personnel, and notify the console electrician to remove the power lock and communication lock of the conveyor, transfer machine and crusher. This is called fire performance test. The transfer machine will be transported and transferred after normal operation

v. safety precautions

1. Check the roof and coal wall of the operation area, and handle it in time with the tools for knocking the side and asking the top. The operation can be carried out only after it is confirmed to be safe

2. It is strictly forbidden to operate or repair the locked support

3. Check whether the lifting tools used meet the safety requirements. When lifting, no one is allowed to stand under the lifted object

4. The transported parts should be bound firmly, and the vulnerable parts such as the joint surface and exposed gears should be protected

5. It is strictly forbidden to use non dedicated chain clamps

6. The manual hoist must be checked before use to see whether its structure is complete and whether it rotates flexibly, so as to prevent dry grinding, chain channeling and other phenomena in use

7. When lifting heavy objects, they must be commanded and operated by special personnel, and the lifting tools must be firm and reliable. Before lifting, the signal must be unified and explained clearly to the operator

8. The load of the lifting appliance must be greater than 1.5 times that of the lifting equipment, and it must be intact

9. Set up a guard around the operation site and prohibit irrelevant personnel from the production base in Voronezh, western Russia

10. Prevent high-pressure liquid from hurting people when using monomer

11. When aligning bolt holes, it is forbidden to use fingers to align holes in bolt holes

12. The disassembled oil pipe joint must be wrapped with cotton yarn to prevent slime and other impurities from entering the oil pipe

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