Safety technical measures for retreating equipment

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Safety technical measures for withdrawal equipment of the first mining face

11501 coal mining task face has been withdrawn to the stoping line position. After discussion, the Mining Committee decided to stop the withdrawal of 11501 coal mining task face. In order to ensure the smooth withdrawal, the following Enron technical measures are formulated:

1, Enron technical measures

1. All construction staff must learn this method. After passing the examination, they can take up their jobs before they reach the goal of learning and construction

2. Before withdrawal, a special person must be assigned to stop testing the initial support force of the single column in the upper and lower grooves of all task surfaces and the middle transportation roadway. If the pressure is insufficient, the secondary liquid injection must be stopped immediately to ensure that the initial support force reaches 40kN and ensure safety during withdrawal

3. Strengthen the handling of the support quality of the upper and lower troughs and the task surface of the middle transportation roadway. All crooked, inclined and damaged supports must be repaired or replaced in time. If there is a rotten top, it is necessary to top and seal it in time to ensure that the retreat path is smooth when retreating

4. When the task surface retreats, the Enron section places a shift leader, Enron officer and tile inspector on each shift to stop on-site supervision and inspection of the task surface, and sit on the site to urge the rectification of Enron hidden dangers; If there are hidden dangers, you must report to the dispensing room and the leader on duty in time

5. During the retreat, the roadway height of the task face meets the requirements of the coal mine safety regulations, ensuring that the retreat road is safe and smooth

2. Withdraw the equipment list

2. Accept the chute

1. When assembling the chute, it is necessary to strengthen the machine head at first in order to measure more accurately, the big canopy at the tail, and the secondary liquid injection of the monomer column should be stopped; The support should at least guarantee two beams and six columns, and the single column must be fastened with an anti fall rope to prevent the column from falling and hurting people

2. When moving and lifting the head and tail of the machine with a chain block, the leader and the safety officer must be the leader. Before the task, the leader and the safety officer should check and copy the chain block: whether the rope nose, pulley, lifting beam, lifting appliance, etc. are suitable for the requirements of safety. The steel wire rope should not have corrosion, broken wires and other scenes. It can be used only after confirming that it is safe. When using it, hang the chain block on the support with stable support, and a special person should be assigned to observe the changing environment of the support, If the support moves, the task must be stopped. When lifting the escort machine, try to lift it first, and then formally lift it after confirming that there is no risk. The staff should stay away from the lifting address

3. The removed chute shall be transported out of the task face in time and placed neatly at the designated position, which shall not affect the transportation and pedestrians. The chute withdrawn on duty shall be transported to the 11501 first mining task face, and the two sides of the transportation lane shall be stored neatly. It is strictly prohibited to affect the transportation lane pedestrians. When lifting and transporting heavy objects, staff should have special instructions, call and respond to each other, rise and fall together, and it is strictly forbidden to walk without permission, so as to prevent heavy objects from hurting people or damaging equipment

4. Other small parts, vulnerable parts, etc. should not be removed to prevent throwing away. The removed parts should be kept by a specially assigned person. The contact surface and explosion-proof surface of the equipment should be protected during disassembly and assembly to prevent damage

3. Support retraction

before retraction, two 11kw local fans are installed at 10m above the upper trough of 11501 and the intermediate transportation lane of 11501. The air duct adopts 500mm flame-retardant and antistatic excellent air duct, and the air supply volume is not less than 90m3/min, supplying air to the retraction address. The retraction adopts the retraction winch to stop the retraction, and the retraction of the task surface starts from the big canopy of the chute head at the lower Enron exit

1. The premise of withdrawal

(1) the mining face and upper chute shall meet the quality standardization requirements, the supports shall be complete, and the roadway height of the withdrawal line shall not be less than 1.8m

(2) after the end of the withdrawal of the chute and pipeline in the mining face, stop withdrawing the single support and hinged beam, and do not withdraw the support of the working face until the chute accessories and pipelines have been withdrawn

(3) when withdrawing the support, you must stop checking the support, roof and surrounding safe environment of the task surface. If you find any unsafe hidden dangers, you must deal with them first, and the task can be started before the hidden dangers are eliminated

(4) set up a pair of wooden rectangular sheds with 2m pit logs at the beginning of the retreat, hit two pole points, and block them with thorns and back logs to prevent the gangue from falling down during the retreat

(5) the column retracting winch meets the flawless standard, and the Enron measures are complete and effective

2. Enron measures

(1) retreat must adhere to the criterion from top to bottom, and it is strictly forbidden to retreat halfway; When retreating, a principal and subordinate team leader must guide on site

(2) before returning to the post, first prepare the unloading handle, long drill rod and other materials for returning to the post, as well as the top and side protection materials such as Jingba, Beimu and pit wood. Before retreating, the roadway must be cleared, and the height of the roadway must be more than 1.8m, ensuring that the rear road is unobstructed

(3) before returning the column, check whether the column return winch is in good condition. The four pressure and two berms of the column return winch should be complete. The wire breaking rate of the steel wire rope should not exceed 10%, and the signal should be flexible and reliable. The distance between the column retracting winch and the retracting address is not less than 15 meters, not more than 30 meters. Before starting the column retracting winch, all staff must withdraw to the Enron address outside the column retracting winch. No one is allowed in the column retracting winch to prevent the steel wire rope from pulling and collapsing people by firmly grasping the element "Fa"

(4) the support must be stopped checking before returning to the column. If there is any hidden danger, it must be dealt with first, and then the task ahead can be carried out to ensure that the retreat is safe

(5) at least five people shall return the column, one person shall operate the column return winch, one person shall return the column, one person shall lift the top, and two persons shall transport the support; If you don't observe the roof and support to change the environment, when returning the column, you should strictly implement the system of knocking on the side and asking for the top rail, and find the hanging rock and dangerous gangue in time. Be careful when the roof collapses and injures people. Squeeze the extruded material to a certain level by hand to avoid burrs and cracks; If you find an address that risks meeting risks, you should deal with it before construction

(6) when returning to the column, you should first return to the column legs, and then to the top beam. You should withdraw one by one. It is not allowed to dismantle it, and it is not allowed to do multiple homework and return to multiple shelves at one time. Only one homework is allowed

(7) the falling roof beam and single pillar must be transported out in time to prevent blocking the roadway, and the smooth retreat path must be guaranteed

(8) all supports and accessories must be clean and placed neatly according to the specified address. It is not allowed to throw them around in the receiving area

(9) portable gas alarm must be hung on the other side of the air duct within 5 meters of the return column address. It is strictly forbidden to work when the gas exceeds the limit

(10) check the gas more than twice per shift, and fill in the record on the gas check board

(11) when escorting materials, the escorting staff must have a tacit understanding with different methods. When passing through an obstructed address, the front staff must inform the front staff to be on high alert

(12) others shall be performed in accordance with the coal mine safety regulations and the operating procedures for coal miners to avoid the fluctuation of extrusion pressure caused by the fluctuation of plastic temperature

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