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PTT global chemical company promotes the expansion plan

PTT global chemical company said that its board of directors has agreed to continue the research on the construction plan of polyurethane comprehensive facility, which is located in Luoyong and will cost US $1billion (35billion baht) for four balls

add a large capacity electrolytic capacitor of experimental force sensor 1 to the front end of lm7805 for low-frequency wave building, said supattanapong punmeechaow, President and CEO "Pttgc has agreed to jointly carry out engineering and Design Research on two petrochemical projects with Toyota Tsusho group and Sanyo Chemical. They are the propylene oxide project with a joint venture capacity of 200000 tons/year with Toyota and the polyether polyol project with a joint venture capacity of 130000 tons/year with Toyota and Sanyo. All parties are deciding whether to promote the project next year."

he also said that "the slowdown of China's economic development will not affect the company, because the products exported to China account for only% of the total."

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