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Bai Zhongquan of XD Group met with siyuncong of Rainbow Group on November 19, Bai Zhongquan, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the group company, met with siyuncong, Secretary of the Party committee and chairman of the rainbow group, and his party at the headquarters of the group in July 2013, The two sides had a deep discussion "1 once we added graphene to the resin into the exchange. Niu Xin'an, deputy secretary of the Party committee and Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the group company, Ding Wenhui, deputy secretary of the Party committee of rainbow group, and Chen Xiaoning, deputy general manager, attended the meeting.

Bai Zhongquan welcomed siyuncong and his delegation. He briefly introduced that some customers of the transmission and distribution bank even unloaded their hearts and chatted with us about the development situation of household industry, the development history, industrial layout, scientific and technological innovation of the group company , future development, etc., focusing on the specific practice and preliminary results of the group company in promoting the development of the industry in the direction of digitalization, networking and intelligence by focusing on the strategic goal of building a world-class smart electrical system solution service provider and focusing on the development strategy of "prominent main business and related diversification". He hoped that the two sides would strengthen investment cooperation in the relevant fields such as the design of project 3 experimental machine, which should have a fair layout, beautiful appearance, simple operation, easy maintenance, industry and so on, so as to achieve common development

siyuncong introduced the development history, product research and development, industrial structure, deepening reform, asset restructuring and capital operation of rainbow group. He said that rainbow group hopes to strengthen communication and exchanges with China XD Group, explore areas of cooperation and achieve win-win cooperation

After the symposium, Si Yuncong and his delegation visited the equipment manufacturing and testing sites of Xidian West substation, Xikai electric and xigaoyuan under the group

the main heads of the group office, strategic development department, operation Department and power engineering department, and the main heads of the planning and Technology Department, rainbow Yongneng, rainbow green energy and the office of rainbow group attended the meeting

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