The hottest PTI company will launch globali on NPE

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PTI will launch globaline extrusion system on NPE

processingtechnologiesinternational LLC (PTI) will launch a new globaline extrusion system that can efficiently produce sheets in small batches on NPE2009 booths w115032 and n77056

the system is specially designed according to PTI's strategy of developing markets in Russia, Eastern Europe, South America, China and India. Customers in these regions often need to handle various jobs on an extrusion production line

used by johnchalmer, vice president of sales and marketing of PTI 10 μ~ twelve μ S said in a draft, "the hard packaging market in these countries is increasingly developing without channel address gating, especially for hard packaging for food and medical purposes."

"we found that customers in these developing markets cannot focus their production on a specific product. With globaline, they will be able to operate multiple products efficiently on one machine."

Chalmers said in an interview, "this is a brand new machine. We have built a powerful machine."

Danahanson, President of PTI, revealed that globaline includes standard pre processed parts with common performance. This includes a central touch screen with tight tolerances and a high degree of automation. Hanson said in an interview that the price of the system is much lower than that of customized machines, which is very cost-effective. The plug and machine leveler are simple in design and can install the mechanical system in just a few days

hanson said that with the help of globaline, the delivery time and cost can be shortened, and the lead time can be shortened by 30% - 40%

globaline adopts a frame infrastructure on a patent pending mounting bearing, and uses a patent pending universal antistatic coating system in top, bottom and both side coating applications. The machine is configured according to customer requirements, with a basic width of 1-1.5 meters and an hourly output of 650-3900 pounds (295-1770 kg). The company in Aurora, Illinois, which is located in the United States, said that the tensile testing machine should choose high configuration or general configuration. At present, the system also provides single-layer and co extrusion versions

hanson said in an interview before NPE: "we focus on the whole sheet production process, rather than improving the performance of one part."

globaline on display at PTI's booth will be a compact machine for in-line thermoforming. Each P of the machine: valve needle pitch; 1100-1600 pounds (500-726 kg) pet, high impact polystyrene or polypropylene can be processed according to the flow of the oil pump, the area of the valve hole and the diameter of the oil cylinder

this system includes a 4.5 inch (11 cm) 32:1 extruder, Maag gear pump system, 46 inch wide (117 cm wide) sheet die and support, an ACvector three roll extruder motor with power output of 300 HP, transmission system and hydraulic double bolt exchanger

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