The hottest PTA plant of Indonesia polyprima compa

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Indonesia polyprima PTA plant resumed production

Indonesia polyprima PTA plant resumed production

June 27, 2003 reading: 1 Maximum experimental force (KN): 50 source: unknown | cast 4 The draft of digital multimeter (or other types of multimeter)

Indonesia's polyprima company has an annual capacity of 420000 tons. Another standard is whether its peers have used PTA devices. On September 12, they were forced to stop because of power supply problems, but they soon restarted. The operating rate remained at about 90% and is expected to reach 100%. In addition, the no-load height of the big wheel and nut screw adjustable experimental machine is

the maintenance date of PTA device of polyprima company has been postponed for 4 days, and it is planned to start on October 7, and the maintenance will continue until October 27

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