The hottest paper price has risen for three rounds

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The paper price has risen for three rounds in a month, and the momentum is still not stopped. How does the measured sample size affect household paper

release date: Source: West China Metropolis Daily

"increase by 200/ton" "increase by 800/ton"... Recently, a number of paper-making enterprises have intensively issued price increase letters, generally raising the price of paper products, causing concern

"there have been three rounds of price increases since December 2020, and the price increases continue in the new year." The person in charge of a paper-making enterprise said

a small piece of paper is related to people's lives and many industries of the national economy. The survey found that the most prominent recent gains are mining paper, packaging paper, corrugated paper and cultural paper such as whiteboard oil and gas exploration and development, potash mine exploration and development, tailings comprehensive utilization and so on

"since 2020, the price of white board paper has increased by about 70%. Recently, it has increased almost every week. Our downstream packaging enterprises dare not raise prices easily, and life is very sad." Cuidechen, head of Jilin Donghao packaging company, said

recently, a number of household paper enterprises also rose "Current price letter. However, I noticed that the major e-commerce platforms roll paper and draw paper and said that where the experimental machines and where the most famous ones are not significantly increased, discounts and promotions are still everywhere, and the price increase has not yet been transmitted to the retail end. So, what factors push up the price of paper? Will the price of food, gifts and daily necessities packaged in paper rise? The interview learned that the price of paper has risen one after another, mainly due to the increase in market demand, the rise in the price of pulp and waste paper raw materials Supply reduction and other multiple factors

in the view of some enterprises and industry experts, the soaring price of raw materials has brought about cost growth, which is the most direct trigger for the recent rise in paper prices. So, will the price of household paper be affected

according to the analysis of insiders, as the international commodity prices are rising, the pulp futures price is still high, which indicates that there is bullish sentiment in the market, and the rise in the price of raw paper may continue for several months

will the price of household paper, which people are most concerned about, rise sharply? "With China's paper production capacity, there is no problem in ensuring supply, and there is no need to rush to buy paper." Zhao Wei, chairman of China Paper Association, said

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