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Paper packaging will become a new future of the packaging industry

paper products are a kind of traditional food packaging materials, which occupy a very important position in food packaging. The safety problems of paper packaging mainly come from the additives added in the papermaking process, or the uncleanness of the raw materials themselves, or the use of moldy or even the use of recycled waste paper as raw materials

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as the concept of low-carbon environmental protection has become the main theme of society, many fields are practicing low-carbon environmental protection, and so is the packaging field. Paper material refers to the packaging material of paper. As we know, paper itself is made of natural plant fibers. The packaging material made of it naturally means that it is a kind of green packaging material, and its recycling value is very high, and the technology is also very mature

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I believe that with the deepening of the concept of green environmental protection, paper packaging will become a new future of the packaging industry, and will play an indispensable role in the packaging field. The market prospect is very broad.

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