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Paper pallets and corrugated boards meet the requirements of environmental protection

in the marketing of products, in addition to the demands of protecting products and displaying products, in recent years, under the requirements of global green environmental protection, packaging products that meet the needs of environmental protection have been valued by various industries. The packaging industry has made important contributions to saving resource waste and reducing environmental pollution in terms of packaging materials and alternative products, especially after the advent of corrugated boards and paper pallets

after long-term environmental experiments (high and low temperature boxes) and increased use, wood pallets need special treatment to meet the needs of the industry, and the loss rate is high, so there is the idea of replacing wood pallets with wood pulp. After treatment, in addition to complying with environmental protection regulations, the paper pallet can be made of recycled paper, and it is also suitable for the current resource recovery system. It does not need the amount of polished rod guidance. The introduction of foreign advanced technology precision polished rod guidance can ensure the accurate film bonding between the moving mold and the fixed mold, prevent the concave convex mold from colliding and breaking. In addition, it can pay the waste treatment fees, and also bring non operating income according to the waste paper recycling price. After special waterproof treatment, Under high humidity conditions and environment, the original strength can still be maintained

at present, the size and load-carrying capacity of paper pallets can exceed 5 metric tons. The cost is not different from that of wooden pallets, and the weight is only about two-thirds of that of wooden pallets. For the current logistics system priced by weight, it is even more characteristic and advantage of paper pallets in lightweight

at the beginning of the advent of corrugated paper, another new packaging material, the cost was quite high and it was difficult to popularize because most manufacturers imported it. However, after many operators on the island introduced various imported machinery one by one and produced it in large quantities on the island, the new packaging material plastic corrugated gradually replaced the traditional corrugated board. The composition of PP corrugated board is polypropylene (PP), which is a high-purity hydrocarbon in Oklahoma. It is non-toxic, combustible, free of public hazards, and in line with the concept of environmental protection. Because PP plastic corrugated board has the characteristics of flat appearance, light weight, impact resistance, oil resistance and chemical erosion resistance, its application scope is such as packaging containers, display boards, daily necessities, stationery supplies, building materials protection boards, buffer plates, etc, It has better compression resistance and water resistance than paper products, and can be reused. It is an excellent alternative packaging material

for the future development conditions of the packaging industry, in addition to the trend of light, thin and small, the use of its new filament must take into account the concept of environmental protection packaging in order to be recognized by all countries in the world's marketing system. Therefore, in addition to strengthening product research and development, the island's industry should pay attention to whether the packaging materials comply with environmental protection, which will be regarded as part of the essence of products in the future

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