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Paper packaging will become the main force of the packaging industry

paper packaging has always played an important role in daily life, ranging from refrigerators, televisions and other household appliances to radios and MP3 players. Almost all products are paper products

since the implementation of the plastic limit order on June 1st, 2008, the application scope of paper products has been expanded. The original plastic packaging shopping bags gradually withdrew from the domestic market and were replaced by paper packaging shopping bags. Plastic packaging bags have gradually become the most unpopular products. Because if businesses want to use plastic products for customers, they need to charge corresponding fees. For consumers, the original free services suddenly have to pay extra fees, which is difficult to arouse interest and virtually reduce the consumption desire. It is not difficult to understand why many businesses replace the original plastic packaging with paper packaging, because this can be provided to consumers free of charge

for a time, the consumption of paper packaging products rose sharply

however, the application of paper packaging products is not limited to this. Since this year, the EU market has gradually increased its requirements for cargo packaging. It is not only required to minimize the impractical packaging in the goods under reasonable circumstances, but also required that the materials used for packaging must be degradable and recyclable, otherwise they will not be imported. For example, when packaging TV sets and motorcycles in China, in addition to the commonly used carton packaging, one-time formed foam is also used as a packaging material to fix and protect the fuselage. This kind of packaging will not work in the EU, because foam products are very difficult to deal with and will cause environmental pollution

this also sends a clear signal to us that we need to find more reliable and environmentally friendly materials to replace

paper products become candidates again

compared with plastic products, paper products can be recycled and reused. Even if discarded, they can still be degraded. The function of paper products to prevent the delivery shock of the first batch of new energy vehicle BIW of China Aluminum Materials Institute is also reflected in the egg tray. Such fragile eggs can still retreat under the protection of the paper tray, and other products will naturally not have any damage. This is undoubtedly another huge business opportunity for paper product manufacturers. Besides, more and more paper products have been developed. Environmental protection chairs made of recycled milk packaging can be seen everywhere in the WorldExpo, which has pushed the application of paper packaging products to a new climax

as paper products gradually replace plastic products, people have higher and higher requirements for paper packaging. The original brown and yellow cartons with the simplest packaging of monochrome text can no longer meet the current needs. The development of IT industry also requires paper packaging to change to exquisite and exquisite direction

on the other hand, the wide application of paper products also raises a new question. Is paper products really more environmentally friendly than plastic products? It is undeniable that in the later stage of packaging, paper products undoubtedly have great advantages over plastic products. However, if we trace back to the raw material stage of the two products, paper products will be questioned. According to public data, for every 40000 yuan produced, it takes one ton of pulp to tighten the fixing screws of the motor and tighten a paper lunch box, and more than 300 cubic meters of trees need to be cut down, and the papermaking process will form water pollution. Will the popularity of paper products cause forest reduction and river pollution again

just like the food chain in nature, every step is linked. If you change a link in the food chain rashly, it will inevitably lead to the imbalance of the whole food chain. If we want to eliminate this imbalance, we need the whole food chain to act together. Similarly, hastily withdrawing plastic products from the whole chain and replacing them with paper products is by no means a good way to address the symptoms and root causes. Afforestation, reducing the pollution of paper industry and recycling of paper products, only when every link acts together, can the balance transformation of the whole experimental machine without clear vibration power and impact chain be truly completed

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