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Paper prices remain stable, and coniferous pulp continues to differentiate at home and abroad

the paper sector performed better than the market this week. This week, there was a clear distinction between key companies and main engines, with a decline of 0.38%, stronger than the market (the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 fell 2.36% in the same period), and the paper sector as a whole fell 1.37%

the price of grey background white board rose slightly this week

coated paper prices remained stable this week. Downstream demand is flat, and the sales resistance of paper mills is increasing. The quotation of Huatai B1 and B2 batch test paper is 6100 yuan/ton and 6300 yuan/ton; The quotation of Prince zunma is maintained at 6700 yuan/ton, which has a great impact on medium and high-end Coated paper

the price of double offset paper remained stable this week. The transaction was light, and the quotations of paper mills and dealers remained stable

the price of grey white board rose slightly this week. The higher the sensitivity this week; The more uniform the gradient change is, the closer the relationship between Hall potential and displacement is to linear. The transaction price in Fuyang area slightly follows up with the rise of paper mill quotation in the early stage, but the recent temperature has not increased significantly, which makes the power limit lower than expected, and there is still pressure for the paper price to continue to rise. In the early stage, South China followed the rise of Fuyang paper factory, but the price was stable this week

the price of white cardboard remained stable this week. Dealers were more cautious, and some paper mills made small profits to promote sales, but the displayed terminal price was still high and unaffected

the price of box board paper and corrugated base paper is basically stable. The peak season of fruit sales is coming, and the demand is slightly improved. In the early stage, the price of corrugated paper in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai increased, and the quotation of major corrugated paper factories in Shandong increased slightly by 50 yuan/ton this week. 12. Data analysis: the experimental data on the curve can be randomly selected and analyzed. The price of box board paper and corrugated base paper in other regions remained stable

the price trend of international and domestic coniferous pulp has continued to differentiate, and the prices of American waste ONP and OCC have increased. The US dollar price of international coniferous pulp rose this week, and broad-leaved pulp remained stable. Domestic coniferous pulp prices fell slightly, and broad-leaved pulp remained stable. The downstream demand for coniferous pulp in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai was flat. Although some dealers suspended quotation with caution, the price was still loose in a small number of transactions in the market. As the price of waste mix increased and the price difference with ONP narrowed, the Jiangsu and Zhejiang whiteboard mills increased the purchase of waste ONP, and the average transaction price was pushed up

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