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The issue of paper price will be brought to the national two sessions. Will the relevant departments control it

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core tip: since the start of the year, the paper price has been singing all the way, doubling the cost of packaging and printing enterprises with the trend of crazy rise. On the reasons for its price rise, no Peskov said that it was not the sharp rise in wood pulp futures that caused the rise in costs; Since the start of leading paper

years later, the paper price has been singing all the way, doubling the cost of packaging and printing enterprises with the trend of crazy rise. The reason for its price rise is nothing more than the soaring cost of wood pulp futures; Excessive pricing power of leading paper enterprises leads to abnormal price increases; Some dealers are waiting for prices in the tide of rising prices, internalizing them in their hearts

in the crazy rise in paper prices, downstream packaging and printing enterprises have obviously become the biggest victims. The characteristics of large single increase in paper price and high frequency of price increase have led to a sharp rise in the cost of packaging and printing enterprises. Even if they want to negotiate the price adjustment with customers, they can't grasp the exact time, because there may be an embarrassing phenomenon that "just after talking about the price with customers, a new letter of price increase has arrived"

the issue of paper price will be brought to the two sessions

therefore, many heads of packaging and printing enterprises complain about the absurdly high price of paper in their circle of friends, calling on relevant departments to regulate. On March 2, according to the "China publishing media business daily", Tan Yue and pan Kaixiong, representatives of the two sessions of the publishing industry, will submit a joint proposal to "propose to solve the three outstanding problems of the current publishing industry" to help the publishing industry develop in a high quality

among these three problems, the second problem is "paper prices continue to soar", as follows:

from June 2020, the price of white cardboard began the first wave of continuous and rapid rise. The data shows that the price of conventional white cardboard continued to rise from 5400/ton in June 2020 to 7700/ton in January 2021, with an increase of 43%; At the beginning of the new year, the second wave of rise began, with a faster and stronger rise, and the varieties such as coated paper, double offset paper and cultural paper, which had a relatively mild increase in the early stage, made up a strong rise; It will rise again in early March, with both increases of 500/ton

in terms of content, the problems mentioned in the proposal are basically in line with the current paper price situation, but the actual situation may be more serious than that in March in the proposal due to time reasons. According to the author, at the beginning of March, the increase of several domestic white card paper enterprises was as high as/ton, and the price of white card paper entered the "10000 era" for the first time in history

however, the sharp rise in paper prices has seriously affected the development of the downstream industrial chain and caused an unusually large blow to relevant enterprises. In the proposal, Tan Yue and pan Kaixiong, representatives of the two sessions of the publishing industry, said:

we suggest that the relevant departments immediately investigate the real reason for the sharp rise in the net price of water discharged from the pipe of paper, or take necessary measures to stabilize the price of paper, or give certain economic support policies to the publishing house, such as reducing and remitting relevant taxes, setting up special subsidies, etc

local industry associations carry out relevant matters

it can be seen that the current spectacular rise in paper prices is receiving widespread attention inside and outside the industry. Although the proposals of the two sessions will not be immediately responded to by relevant departments, if they can be valued by relevant departments, it will be conducive to stabilizing paper prices and promoting the healthy, high-quality and sustainable development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain

in addition to the proposals of the two sessions, relevant associations in various regions are also starting to carry out relevant matters. On February 5, Shanghai Printing Industry Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association, Shanghai Newspaper Association, Shanghai Publishing Association, Jiangsu printing association, Zhejiang Publishing Association and Zhejiang printing association jointly initiated and held relevant seminars to discuss solutions

according to the author's understanding, the industry associations of two provinces and one city suggest that the printing and packaging industry should explore and establish a paper procurement and supply system that is cross regional, shared, and combined with the construction load of the platform. It is impossible to achieve a completely uniformly distributed ideal combined with the law of market economy, so as to actively, actively and jointly respond to the changes in the paper market and change the current situation of passive response

in the afternoon of March 3, Longgang printing and packaging industry association and Longgang printing materials chamber of Commerce held a meeting under the convening of Longgang Economic Development Bureau. The two sides exchanged views on the recent abnormal rise in paper prices and reached a preliminary consensus on how to tide over the difficulties

at the meeting, Zheng Juxin, deputy director of Longgang Economic Development Bureau, said that the Economic Development Bureau would report the price rise of paper, especially white cardboard, as a price change as soon as possible. At the same time, the India Association should report it through the channels of industry associations and request the intervention of the national development and reform level. If it involves driving up prices, the municipal supervision department shall investigate and deal with it. Considering the sustainable development of the industry in the future and mutual benefit, the government requires paper agents to transfer profits to local printing enterprises

in the face of crazy paper prices, the first thing printing and packaging enterprises need to do is to protect themselves: to keep themselves from operating risks due to the rising cost of raw materials, and to ensure their sustainable development in abnormal markets

in addition to the business ability of the enterprise itself, it also requires the participation of industry associations and relevant departments. Therefore, we can see that the issue of paper price has been brought to the two sessions, and local industry associations carry out relevant matters. Then, we may as well wait and see whether the relevant departments will regulate the paper price

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