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Paper prices continue to rise. Where is the current paper price?

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paper prices have risen more or fallen less in the past two months, and the market is generally good. The overall rise in these two months should also be a lot, but how about the same period last year? Has the impact of public health events all passed? These are all issues of concern to us. In the near future, the news of the rise in paper prices is every day. Even if the increase is small, it should have accumulated a lot. So what level has the paper price reached? These are all issues that this article will discuss

how is the current paper price compared with the same period last year? In this case, we simply never want to make a price comparison with the wrong interface, without considering the macro-economic factors and other large and small impacts. The waste paper market in July last year was a traditional off-season, with weak market and relatively stable downward and upward adjustments. It was a complete off-season market. The waste paper market in July this year is really abnormal. It is obviously an off-season, but it has been rising. The reason is the tight supply. However, this tight supply is more like intentional manipulation without taking out the steel ball

on July 1 last year, the price of waste paper in Chongqing Liwen paper industry was reduced by 50, and the price of primary paper was 1850/ton; On July 3 this year, the price of waste paper in Chongqing Liwen paper industry increased by 30, and the price of primary paper was 1960/ton. Unexpectedly, it exceeded 110 last year. I don't know if I don't compare it. I'm surprised by the comparison. Is this still what it should be like in the off-season? On July 3 last year, Guangdong Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper grade a 2050/ton; On July 9 this year, Guangdong Dongguan Nine Dragons Paper grade a 2130/ton. Paper prices are also higher than last year

if we just look at the paper price comparison between Liwen and nine dragons, the two leading paper industries. Although the waste paper market is not good this year, it was even worse last year. So compared with the same period last year, this year, which has experienced public health incidents, is actually fairly good. In this way, the impact of this year's public health events has basically disappeared in July. However, if we only look at the market development this year, it is also obvious that the impact of domestic public health on the paper market has basically passed

let's talk about the supply and demand of paper. Poor demand in the off-season is obvious, but why is the supply tight? The author has also been wondering about this matter. Although it is true that the transportation is inconvenient due to weather and other reasons, he always feels that there is something wrong. Until recently, I got a message: two corrugated paper machines in Dongguan Jiulong will be shut down for 80 days. Oh, no wonder the supply is insufficient. While the price increase letters are frequently sent, while saying that the supply is tight, while stopping the machine. Is this the "hunger marketing" of the waste paper market? On the one hand, the production was reduced by 4.25%, 6.42% and 7.90% year-on-year respectively, while the price was increased. The leading paper industry still has a considerable say in the formulation of paper prices. Small and medium-sized paper mills can only watch out for the wind, but the peel force measured when the heat sealing part of the material is not cooled after heat sealing

in a word, what is the current paper price? From this year's market, many people are confused. It has been said that the market is depressed, so the price of paper should be very low, so it needs to rise. But judging from the paper price in the same period last year, let alone not this year, last year was even worse. What will happen next year? Things are unpredictable

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