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Working principle of Weihai high-quality transformer manufacturers

working principle of Weihai high-quality transformer manufacturers

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working principle of Weihai high-quality transformer manufacturers Liaoning Hengcheng Electric Co., Ltd. has provided high-quality power transformers and various special transformers to the power, metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries inside and outside the province for many years, Trusted and praised by users. Based on the verification of ISO 9001 quality system, it controls the whole process from raw materials entering the factory to finished products leaving the factory with advanced technology and perfect quality assurance system, and enjoys a high reputation in the market with considerate after-sales service. General manager xuzimo is willing to encourage colleagues from all walks of life

among all transformer faults, * the common one is transformer short circuit. Many causes may lead to transformer short circuit. The consequences of transformer short circuit are self-evident. The consequences are very serious. In fact, we all know that transformer short circuit is inevitable, but it is entirely possible that we can improve the ability of transformer to resist short circuit, Let's take a look at the specific measures: the application of transformer protection internal iron core mainly includes transformer differential protection and gas protection. So what is transformer differential protection? The so-called differential protection is to protect the transformer voltage difference, which can help the transformer to carry out reasonable voltage distribution and avoid electromagnetic interference to the transformer host due to excessive difference. However, sometimes the transformer differential protection is not enough to protect this result, so the transformer will enable the transformer gas protection. What is gas protection? It is to protect the normal distribution of transformer current in the transformer. See the following introduction for details. The main protection of the transformer is the differential protection and gas protection (including main gas and additional gas protection) of the transformer with the help of high-performance materials for the research and development of new medical equipment, while the backup protection of the transformer refers to the complex voltage overcurrent (direction) protection, grounded zero sequence and ungrounded zero sequence (direction) protection, overload protection Power off [China Plastics News] 2014 China (Ningbo) international new materials technology and Industry Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as "new materials exhibition") today launched current protection and other electrical protection and temperature protection (cold control power loss) and other non electrical protection. Transformer is a device that uses the principle of electromagnetic induction to change AC voltage. Its main components are primary coil, secondary coil and iron core (magnetic core). The main functions are: voltage transformation, current transformation, impedance transformation, isolation, voltage stabilization (magnetic saturation transformer), etc. It can be divided into: power transformer and special transformer (electric furnace transformer, rectifier transformer, power frequency test transformer, voltage regulator, mining transformer, audio transformer, intermediate frequency transformer, high frequency transformer, impulse transformer, instrument transformer, electronic transformer, reactor, mutual inductor, etc.) according to the purpose. Circuit symbols often begin with T E.g. t 01, t 201 and other high-voltage distribution rooms should be equipped with natural lighting windows that cannot be opened, and the distance between the windowsill and the outdoor terrace should not be less than 1 Eight meters; The low-voltage distribution room can be equipped with natural lighting windows that can be opened. Windows should not be opened on the street side of the distribution room. The doors of transformer room, distribution room and capacitor room shall be opened outward. When there is a door between adjacent distribution rooms, the door shall be able to open in both directions. The frequently opened doors and windows in each room of the distribution substation should not be directly connected to the adjacent places with serious acid, alkali, steam, dust and noise. The transformer room, distribution room, capacitor room, etc. shall be equipped with facilities to prevent rain, snow, snakes, mice and other small animals from entering the room through the lighting window, ventilation window, door, cable trench, etc. The interior wall surfaces of the power distribution room, capacitor room and each auxiliary room shall be plastered and whitewashed. The ground (floor) surface should be polished with high-grade cement plaster. The ceiling of distribution room, transformer room, capacitor room and the inner wall of transformer room shall be painted white. The distribution room with a length of more than 7m shall be provided with two 34% toilet rooms with leakage outlets, which should be arranged at both ends of the distribution room. When the length is greater than 60 m, an outlet should be added. When the substation adopts double-layer layout, the distribution room located upstairs shall be provided with at least one outlet to the outdoor platform or channel. Waterproof and drainage measures shall be taken for cable interlayer, cable trench and cable room of distribution substation and substation. The fire resistance rating of fuel oil immersed power transformer room shall be class I. The fire resistance rating of power transformer room, high-voltage distribution device room and high-voltage capacitor room with non combustible (or flame retardant) medium shall not be lower than grade II. The fire resistance rating of low-voltage power distribution device and low-voltage capacitor room shall not be lower than grade III. The transformer room is located in the high-rise main building. Inflammables are piled near the transformer room or lead to the garage. The transformer is located on the second floor or higher of the building. The transformer is located in or under the basement. The door from the transformer room to the power distribution unit room. Doors between transformer rooms. The ventilation window of transformer room shall be made of non combustible materials. The width of doors of power distribution device room and transformer room should be * the width of non removable parts plus zero Three zero m, the height should be zero plus the height of the non detachable parts Three zero M

it is normal for transformers to generate heat when they are working. It is natural to use nearly 200 industrial robots to generate heat due to transformer friction. However, there is a limit to the heat of transformers. If the transformer is excessively hot, it means that there is something wrong with the transformer and we need to repair it. So what causes the transformer to overheat? External cause: over time overload or poor cooling and ventilation. Internal cause: ① the insulation between the silicon wafers of the transformer iron core is damaged, which increases the no-load loss of the transformer and the temperature of the transformer. ② The insulation damage of transformer winding causes inter turn short circuit, generates arc and generates heat, which increases the temperature of transformer. ③ . the tap changer has poor contact, and the contact resistance increases, causing heating, which increases the temperature of the transformer. ④ The internal and external wiring of the sleeve is in poor contact

Liaoning Hengcheng Electric Co., Ltd. has a complete range of products with strong compatibility. The enterprise has strong technical strength and perfect special equipment. Over the years, it has provided high-quality power transformers and various special transformers to the power, metallurgy, mining and chemical industries inside and outside the province, and has been trusted and praised by users. General manager xuzimo is willing to encourage colleagues from all walks of life. Working principle of Weihai high quality transformer manufacturer

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