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China's journey to the West India becomes the first choice for "going to sea"

if you travel in India and see a local guy holding a red rice 2 or glory 6plus, don't make a fuss. Yes, India is becoming a hot spot for many Chinese manufacturers to compete for a year-on-year growth of 21.5%. What attracts people's attention is that this wave of merchants going to India is the main force in China, with a long list of names such as Xiaomi, Guangrong, Jinli, Meizu, Lenovo and Yijia. Why did India become their preferred place to go to sea? Can they replicate Chinese success here

India becomes the first choice to go to sea

a large number of businessmen are shopping for

87 seconds! At 2:00 p.m. on March 24, the first round of rush buying of 50000 red rice 2 lasted only 87 seconds. It is said that another 250000 bookers are gearing up for the next round of rush buying. This is a scenario of Xiaomi's sales in India

Xiaomi's global journey began in India and came here last July. Although it is still involved in the patent lawsuit with Ericsson, it does not seem to hinder its hot sales. According to local media reports in India, many friends around them have become rice noodles. They are interested in talking about whether the Chinese are using millet. Last week, Time magazine named Lei Jun, the founder of Xiaomi, the king of China, which increased their popularity index

Xiaomi is not lonely. The glory of being in the limelight in China also sounded the clarion call to show that the first experiment was completed in India. Last week, the company released two glory 6plus and changplay 4x in India, both of which were popular in China and dropped a bomb in the Indian market. Glory has great ambition and wants to become the first Internet brand in India in 2015

Meizu also decided to go for a break. Recently Meizu released a poster with Indian Taj Mahal, which said hello, Indian kerosene. Obviously, it is also announcing that it will march into India, and the spearhead is likely to be the magic blue note for young people. The company also warms up through the social networking site fackbook, allowing users to tell their Meizu stories

in addition, the Beijing Morning Post learned that after the Spring Festival this year, Lenovo's Internet sub brand lemeng also began to enter the Indian market. According to Zhang Hui, vice president of Lenovo Group, what surprised them was that in the several rounds of open purchases, they were sold out quickly

in addition, oppo, Yijia and Jinli are also galloping in the Indian market. More and more Chinese manufacturers are putting the first stop of their overseas trip in India

India has a huge market space

just like China two years ago, why is the Indian market popular? The most direct reason is that the growth pace of the Chinese market has slowed down, and India will be the next smart growth engine. The current Indian market, in the words of wangyanhui, Secretary General of the alliance, is like China two years ago

with the transformation from 2G to 3G in India, many consumers have upgraded from functional machines to smart machines. India has become the second largest smart terminal market in the world. However, functional machines still occupy 70% of the market share, showing the huge potential of the Indian intelligent market. Recently, Indian media quoted an unpublished report of Nielsen India Company as saying that Indians' demand for functions is getting higher and higher. It is no longer as simple as receiving and calling. With the support of market demand, India's smart market capacity will reach 80million units in 2015. Some people even believe that India is expected to surpass China and become the fastest-growing smart market in the world

apus group's latest report shows that Indian hardware is in the stage of rapid popularization of intelligent machines, 1000 yuan machines are the mainstream, and the configuration is low. Looking at the current strategies of manufacturers, they are basically based on the middle and low-end models, and the online channels and operators sell goods

according to the analysis of Yan Zhanmeng, a senior analyst at IDC, India is the second largest market in the world. Last year, India shipped about 260million units, second only to China. But Indian smartphones have just entered the fast lane. According to IDC data, India's smart machines are only about 30% at present, with huge growth space. It is estimated that 20 tensile testing machines equipped with appropriate precision tensile sensors can accurately record the tensile force value at each moment. In 16 years, the combined seal ring or O-ring should be replaced for more than 5 intelligent machines in India, with an increase of 0%, while the growth rate in China is only a single digit. Since last year, the growth of China's smart engine market has slowed down

Yan Zhanmeng pointed out that, unlike mature markets in Europe and the United States, the Indian market is mainly dominated by retail channels, of which more than 80% of the sales of smart phones come from public channels. Obviously, the low entry threshold is also an important consideration

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