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The transition of tobacco packaging market to "green" at the Symposium on the latest development trend of tobacco packaging in 2002, Henan Anyang cigarette factory, on behalf of cigarette enterprises, no one could shake his position and issued a call to the packaging industry that "China's entry into WTO, the tobacco industry calls for green packaging". At this seminar, representatives from the tobacco industry and packaging industry fully demonstrated and discussed a variety of environmental protection packaging technologies that represent the world's most advanced level and reflect the environmental protection trend of today's tobacco packaging

18, at the national tobacco industry's scientific and technological innovation achievements exhibition in the decade of 0.10 ~ 0.11, Yunnan Hongta Group showed its cigarette products packed with environmental friendly packaging materials at a prominent position in the booth; Hunan Baisha Group also carries out the "green flying plan" with the theme of "green is a kind of care"; Shanghai Tobacco Group has shown to the public that it has taken the lead in passing the ISO14000 international environmental protection system certification. Environmental protection has become a hot topic in the cigarette industry, and the level of environmental protection has become one of the inspection standards reflecting the advanced level of packaging in the cigarette industry

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