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Accor lead invests in artificial intelligence analysis B. use standard materials or reference standards for calibration; The travelsify 5million Euro financing

content analysis platform recently completed the 5million Euro financing led by Accor hotel. The platform uses artificial intelligence to promote brand differentiation and product realization

travelsify has accumulated more than 400million reviews, comments and blogs from tourists and experts involved in hotel, restaurant and vacation leasing since its establishment in 2016

travelsify system uses artificial intelligence to analyze the content and help brands understand the characteristics of consumers. Travelsify calls this DNA descriptor, which is very important for consumers

Ian Di Tullio, senior vice president of guest service of Accor Hotels Group, said: Accor's service purpose is to match Hotels with 129 new materials for guests and provide good customer experience

the key factor of Accor's strategy is to obtain data, including customer preferences and rich product data with query No. 18. The product data reflects the subtle differences of guests through the hotel experience descriptor. Travelsify has developed a unique artificial intelligence technology to deeply connect Hotel, restaurant and vacation rental services with customer preferences. Travelsify's product DNA will promote the optimization of Accor's many services. The new round of financing is not only used for the further development of the DNA analysis platform for hotels, restaurants and vacation rental products, travelsify also launched the travelsify brand DNA artificial intelligence analysis service to help the hotel group better manage its brand performance and clearly identify the positive and negative factors affecting the brand

travelsify CEO Bruno chauvat said: travelsify is very happy to cooperate with Accor and work together to narrow the gap between customer expectations and the current situation of the hotel industry through artificial intelligence. After several years of personalized attempts, the hotel and tourism industry is ready to accept travelsify Hotel DNA, restaurant DNA and other product descriptors to create new hotel and catering experiences, provide more relevant services, and provide impetus for future voice search and conversational commerce

travelsify is headquartered in Luxembourg and New York, with a total financing of more than 8million euros so far. Previous investors also participated in this round of financing. (this article is compiled from phocuswire by Elena)

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