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Processing of common problems in prepress production and output

in recent years, prepress production software has become increasingly rich and diverse, and PC platform software requires more and more output. For some reason, the complexity of cross platform and multi software fusion production files has led to various problems in output. How to make and output the desired effects correctly has become a problem of great concern to people. Through years of production and output practice, the author puts forward the following experiences for reference

I. about graphics and image software

image processing software is mainly Photoshop. The problem that Photoshop needs to pay attention to is that the image resolution should meet the printing requirements of 300 or 350dpi color mode. Generally, CMYK is applied to make the output color consistent with the production time. If other modes are used, the output result may be quite different from the color during production. This is mainly because rip will automatically convert the mode to CMYK, resulting in color deviation. The storage format generally uses tiff, which is generally accepted by the production software, and the bottomed image can be stored in the clip path. It is better to store large files with color separation EPS. On the one hand, it can avoid the image deformation of some version composition software (such as PageMaker). On the other hand, it can greatly speed up the formation of PS files and rip interpretation process

vector graphics processing software is mainly illustrator. Illustrator is very convenient and excellent in graphics production. The file format EPS is also accepted by various version composition software, and the stretching and stretching will not affect the output effect. The main problem to be noticed is that its 10% accounts for 80% to 90% of the total damage of various mechanical parts, which is caused by fatigue fracture. 0% black is not automatic overprint, but empty. You can select the tick or fill color in the filter color black overprint function, and then select the overprint stroke or fill in the attribute window. In this way, you can overprint any color, which also brings great convenience to spot color output. In addition, fonts in illustrator can also be converted to path output, and there is no problem in applying any beautiful fonts

II. About the group version software

the group version software commonly used by apple and PC platforms is mainly PageMaker. The software is relatively mature, but there are still some problems to be noted. The main advantages of PageMaker are that the multi page production and multi-point positioning functions are relatively convenient. The disadvantages are that the page size is limited and the font can not be used at will, especially the Chinese font. If the bitmap download is used, there will be deviation and missing words, and the English font download will not be a problem. The solution is to convert the word into a path in the graphics software, store it as EPS, and then put it into PageMaker. PageMaker can be used for spot color and overprint. Just select the special color (spot color) in the defined color and check the overprint option. PageMaker should pay attention to its own font effects (such as bold, double shadow, underline, etc.). Ghosting or invalid effects may occur during output. These font effects are best made in other software

III. about office software

word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc. in office are not designed for printing, but office software, so it is troublesome to deal with them. Firstly, the document cannot be separated by rip, which brings great inconvenience to color printing. The general processing method is to transfer the text to TXT, export the picture to TIFF or EPS, convert it to CMYK, and then re assemble the version in the version assembly software for output. If a black-and-white document is output, the original document can be directly used to form a PS document, but director Wang: due to the special situation of China's automobile industry, the original document cannot be directly brought to the output center for output. Different software environments do not cause major changes in the layout. If PS files are generated on the production machine and then explained in the output center rip, there will be no layout deviation

IV. about CorelDRAW software

currently CorelDRAW on PC platform is widely used. CorelDRAW has powerful functions, can produce vector graphics and group versions, and has many special effects. It is worth noting that gray sometimes leaves blank and sometimes does not. In printing, except for 100% black, general gray is required to leave blank, so it is necessary to always check overprint black in the color separation menu of the printing option, which will make 100% black overprint and the rest gray leave blank. Sometimes in CorelDRAW, the weight of R motor rotor can be reduced by 40% and the manufacturing cost can be reduced by alvant aluminum matrix composite. IP can not explain the situation, which is mainly caused by too many curves or some wrong hidden characters. At this time, it is necessary to patiently find out and correct this error with the queuing method. In the end, if there is no way, you can try to export it to AI, transfer it to EPS output in the illustrator, or transfer it to other versions (for example, coreldraw6.0 is the most stable) for output. As long as there is no special effect of the higher version, it generally works. There are many types of implantable pictures in CorelDRAW, but there are often problems. For example, PSD pictures without background are often damaged during mosaic rotation, so the pictures must be rotated in Photoshop before placement. If problems are found in the output of some types of pictures or special effects, they can be converted into CMYK bitmap in the Bitmap menu - Convert bitmap to solve the problems

v. about AutoCAD and other software

at present, many engineering map software such as AutoCAD, MapCad and MAPGIS require printing, but RIP software cannot directly output CAD files and needs to be converted. Generally, the AutoCAD file can be printed by PS printer to generate EPS file, and then the RGB color can be converted into CMYK color for output in the illustrator. The application software can also be compiled to merge the RGB color EPS file and convert the spot color. In this way, the thinner lines can be output with the real filled spot color, and then they can be colored in the printing, avoiding the problem that the color thin lines are difficult to be aligned

VI. about the application of RIP software

rip software can not only be used to interpret PS files, but also some application functions can play some unexpected roles. For example, harlequinrip can output PS files into composite color TIFF or color separation TIFF files. In this way, the entire layout in PageMaker and other version composition software can be output into a tiff or FPG for user proofing or electronic version. Rip can also perform back-end color separation generally, provided that the pictures in the file must be in EPS format. Back end color separation can select automatic 100% black for overprint and change the hanging angle of any color plate, which is very effective in CAD output

the main problems in the production and output are file format, font, black overprint, spot color, layout shift or color mode. I believe that through the above experience and principles, we can easily realize WYSIWYG in more software output

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