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Treatment of bar of ps2101 offset press after several years of use, due to wear or improper adjustment and maintenance of the machine parts, there are stuffy cars in production, which can reduce the accuracy of the machine and cause printing failures. Among them, the bar failure is the most difficult to solve. Because there are many kinds of bar faults, the root causes are different, and the solutions are also different. Therefore, it is difficult for the general inexperienced offset printer to deal with them. This paper introduces one of the methods to deal with bars

the shape and characteristics of the bar are recommended as follows: when the room temperature is lower than 20 ℃: when the new version is mechanically printed to 2000 sheets, a horizontal bar appears at about 100mm from the mouth of the printing plate, and its width changes from thin to thick to about 7~10mm when it cannot be printed, which is the same from left to right. First, the picture and text points gradually expanded, and the strokes of the text version became thicker, and then the paste version could not be printed. Wipe with water wiping cloth and wet powder. After printing hundreds of sheets, it reappears. Finally, the bar is polished and cannot be printed, but the position of the bar is always the same

analysis: when the above phenomenon occurred, we began to think that it was caused by the heavy weight of the plate top roller. Because the width of the bar is very similar to the width of the ink roller on the plate, it is likely that the ink roller has too much pressure on the plate, which increases the friction

After the pressure adjustment of the ink roller on the recycled material

the resin powder has to be added in real life to reduce the pressure on the printing plate, but there are still bars when printing

further analysis shows that the characteristics of the bar are that it changes from thin to thick, and the ink color gradually deepens and becomes larger until it is pasted; Finally, the bar was polished and polished. The occurrence of these phenomena is the result of excessive local pressure on the plate cylinder and the rubber cylinder, resulting in sliding friction during the operation of the machine

because only the local pressure is too large, the sliding phenomenon will occur. Without sliding, the bar will not change from thin to thick; Without gravitational friction, the bars would not glow

the only way to solve this contradiction is to look at the gear pitch circle

the specific solution is to remove all ink rollers, pad the printing plate roll, and then remove the wall panel at one end, Remove the three screws on the helical gear of the plate cylinder. Hohmann said, "in order to improve the TPE injection molding technology, remove the helical gear and make the original position mark for cleaning. During reassembly, change the original position by 120 °, then tighten the three screws and install the wallboard and all rubber rollers. After several months of printing, there is no bar, and the effect is very good, which proves that this method is effective

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