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If a bricklayer is covered in dust and ashes and has a flower like smile, he will tell you that he has earned 1000 yuan by tiling all day. Don't think it's bragging. It's true

yangribao, a migrant worker from Heilongjiang, has created such a daily work record for himself. However, his workmates told reporters: “ Now it's nothing strange. A bricklayer with good hand work, as long as he is willing to work hard, will have a chance to meet such good luck& rdquo;

after the Spring Festival of the year of the dragon, the rising value of migrant workers is particularly prominent in the decoration industry. Why did decorators' wages rise so fast? Recently, our reporter launched an investigation and interview on this

the daily work fee of bricklayers increased from 300 to 400

bricklayers: 400 yuan/day, carpenters: 220 yuan/day, oilers: 200 yuan/day, electricians: 230 yuan/day, plumbing: 300 yuan/day, and labor: 150 yuan/day. This is what the reporter learned about the recent decoration market “ Water, wood, tile, electricity, oil ” The average market price of the five types of work and labor

“ Now, it's not much for big decoration workers to earn sevenoreight thousand yuan a month. If they do contracted work, they can earn ten or twenty thousand yuan a month, and some will be even higher& rdquo; Yang Ribao told reporters. His workmate guowenjun added: “ It should be said that manual labor is the least skilled in our circle, but if you do contract work, a manual labor can now earn almost four or five hundred yuan a day. Those who are in good health can also earn six or seven hundred yuan a day& rdquo; Yang Ribao, Guo Wenjun, Guo Wenming and Wang long are migrant workers from Heilongjiang whom the reporter met. Ten years ago, they went out to work for the first time, doing decoration in Dalian. Now they are still struggling in this circle, and they have become all-round workers, “ Shuimuwa electric oil ” Anything will do

“ I came to Dalian in 1995. At that time, bricklayers paid 30 yuan a day. Who would have thought that no one would do it now without 300 yuan& rdquo; Guowenjun, 41, is the one with the longest decoration time among the four. His brother guowenming said: “ Last year, the one-day wage of bricklayer rose from 300 yuan to 400 yuan, which took more than half a year& rdquo;

guowenming told reporters that he had done a good job last year and earned 2100 yuan after three days of easy work& ldquo; Of course, such good things don't happen every day, but it's real to earn more money in this industry, and the price has to rise& rdquo;

decorators don't want their sons to inherit their father's work

will the wages of decorators still rise? When migrant workers confidently predict their worth, the arguments behind it are really curious

“ In fact, it's very simple. Now this industry has been faulted, and there are no successors. Fewer and fewer people do it, and the salary is naturally high& rdquo; Wang long, 36, told reporters: “ At my age, I'm already relatively young in the industry. Not many people under the age of 30 come out to work in this industry& rdquo;

the reporter found in the interview that none of the four migrant workers who have skills, contacts and earn a lot of money intend to bring their children into this industry

“ Although they earn a lot, they are not respectable after all. The common people speak with great efforts& rdquo; Wang Long said: “ We are all children. To be honest, we are not willing to let our children suffer like us. Even people like us have this idea and are unwilling to let their children inherit their father's career, let alone other parents& rdquo;

the reporter learned from the Dalian building decoration industry association that the migrant workers engaged in decoration in Dalian are mainly from Sichuan, Jiangsu, Anhui, Henan, Hebei and Northeast China. According to rough statistics, the total number is about 100000

“ Last year, when we went to Hangzhou for a meeting, we found that the situation was the same in the south, and there were no successors for decoration workers& rdquo; The relevant person in charge of the association said: “ At that time, we also discussed the future development of this industry, and the consensus is that we can only develop mechanized decoration in the future& rdquo;

the staff said: “ The wages of decoration workers have been rising, the most sharply last year. At the end of the year, the number of workers decreased, and the labor cost of Tilers rose to 500 yuan a day& rdquo;

the staff of the Association told reporters that the monthly income of migrant workers is now more than that of ordinary project managers in decoration enterprises, and some of them earn more than managers, with a monthly salary of more than 10000, which is common for skilled migrant workers& ldquo; At present, the market price of labor cost refers to that within eight hours. If you work overtime, 2-3 hours is half a day's wages& rdquo; The staff said

decoration labor cost “ Triple jump &rdquo

the popularity of the decoration industry stems from China's housing reform. Li Qiang, general manager of a decoration company in Dalian, entered the home decoration industry in 1998. So far, the decoration labor cost he has seen and experienced has three stages of development

“ Before 2000, the material cost was significantly higher than the labor cost. From 2000 to 2004, the labor cost began to approach the material cost. From 2004 to 2005, the labor cost and material cost were equivalent. After that, the labor cost slowly began to exceed the material cost. From 2009, the labor cost was significantly higher than the material cost& rdquo; Li Qiang said

Li Qiang told reporters, “ After the emergence of a large number of commercial housing, the industry has developed rapidly, and the employment mode has changed. Money is not calculated by month, but by quantity. For example, for the tiling work of 100 square meters, we should negotiate the unit price per square meter and contract it to the workers. No matter how many people do it or how many days it takes, it will be settled after it is finished& rdquo;

the reporter learned that in the decoration industry in Dalian, few enterprises raise decoration workers alone. They all sign project contracts with the foreman, who will find someone to work. Li Qiang told reporters that the increasing labor costs are not the exception of Dalian, but the necessity of social development. In the United States, many blue collar workers have higher incomes than white-collar workers. At present, this labor cost pricing method has no impact on decoration enterprises, and consumers will eventually pay

the price this year remains to be seen

and the reporter learned from the Dalian building decoration industry association that the income of decoration workers has soared in recent years, mainly for three reasons. According to the analysis of the association, first of all, the urbanization process is accelerating, the quality of urban development is getting higher and higher, and the demand for migrant workers in various development and construction is surging. Secondly, in recent years, the changes in rural areas have changed with each passing day. The young and strong rural labor force has been diverted, and some people are willing to stay in rural areas to start businesses. From a macro perspective, with social progress and development, the increase of labor costs is a general trend

however, according to the analysis, some decoration workers' work this year may be “ Tight ”, It is estimated that there is no problem with the workers who hold jobs in March, but those who do not hold jobs are likely to have little work to do. Because the impact of the policy has a certain lag, the purchase restriction will continue this year, and the related industries will tighten. Therefore, the labor cost of decoration this year remains to be seen




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