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As one of the domestic professional and influential home furnishing expositions, hundreds of first-line brands at home and abroad participate in each Huaxia home furnishing Expo, providing consumers with one-stop, high-quality home furnishing building materials procurement services

recently, the two-day Fuzhou exhibition of China Huaxia home furnishing Expo (i.e. Fuzhou home furnishing Expo, November 10-11, 2018) was grandly held in Fuzhou Strait International Convention and Exhibition Center

as one of the domestic professional and influential home furnishing expositions, each China Home Expo has hundreds of first-line brands at home and abroad participating, providing consumers with one-stop, high-quality home decoration building materials procurement services, and bringing consumers a dual experience of quality and benefits

at the 2018 Fuzhou Home Expo site, there are almost 1000 booths with an exhibition area of 15000 square meters. Eight exhibition areas, including decoration companies, floor doors and windows, ceramic tile bathroom, cabinet kitchen appliances, basic building materials, solid wood furniture, panel furniture, sofa soft beds, shine on the stage. Thousands of trendy new products of first-line brands of all categories are gathered, and quality home decoration is in place at one stop

this Huaxia Home Expo joined hands with more than 800 popular brands in the whole home furnishing industry chain, gathered more than 4000 merchants across the country, and worked together to create a winter decoration carnival for consumers, as well as a smart life Pavilion for everyone with tmall. Compared with the traditional store sales model, Huaxia Home Expo eliminates the middle layers of agents and directly transfers 10% - 15% of the profits to the decoration owners

here, you can not only buy desirable household products with good quality and low price, such as fingerprint smart locks, clothes hangers, small household appliances, floor sweeping robots, etc., but also have a pleasant experience while shopping

through the experiential consumption platform of Huaxia Home Expo, consumers can get more satisfaction and respect in brand, price and service, which has become the best choice for consumers in home decoration

at this home expo, SiGe lock industry brought a number of new products: fully automatic fingerprint lock with gyroscope positioning, glass door fingerprint lock, luxury copper fingerprint lock, etc. to the Home Expo. The spacious booth, bright products, endless audience, and real profit making made the booth lively, and also made SiGe fingerprint lock Fuzhou Office achieve the expected satisfactory results

Foshan SiGe Lock Technology Co., Ltd., located in Foshan, Guangdong Province, the global R & D and manufacturing base of high-end building decoration hardware, is a composite enterprise that independently develops, manufactures and sells intelligent locks. Since its establishment, the company has focused on the high-tech fingerprint door lock market, and is committed to becoming a well-known brand of intelligent locks with the development mode of "sustainability, stability, professionalism and focus"

at present, it has a perfect comprehensive testing laboratory for intelligent locks, a professional R & D Center for intelligent products and an advanced professional production line for intelligent locks. The company has gathered many experienced R & D elites and management elites. The core team has more than 10 years of experience in algorithm research, electronic lock R & D, manufacturing and market development. It has mastered skilled production technology and applied advanced lean production management mode. It implements strict quality management control on the intelligent locks it has developed and produced, adheres to high international and industrial standards, and focuses on the quality of every detail

what are the features of the automatic fingerprint lock of SiGe in this exhibition besides its appearance? Let's have a look:

1 This is a fully automatic fingerprint lock in the true sense; It locks automatically after closing the door, which is convenient and accurate. It's no longer worrying about the need to repeatedly confirm: is the door closed? It overcomes the shortcomings that semi-automatic lock requires manual key to close the door, while ordinary full-automatic lock adopts infrared detection, which is easy to misjudge and inconvenient for installation and debugging. Gyroscope positioning detection technology is adopted to ensure accurate identification by detecting the position of the door, acceleration when closing the door, vibration, inclination of the door and other information

2. About 90% of the standard anti-theft doors in the general market can be installed directly by replacing the lock bladder

3. The core hardware adopts Italian semiconductor chip, combined with advanced fingerprint algorithm, and the scheme is mature and reliable; Different from the traditional fingerprint lock scheme a+b (A: fingerprint general algorithm module, B: secondary development board), SiGe integrates fingerprint algorithm and secondary development into the core high-speed chip, which has high integration, high operation efficiency, fast speed and stability

4. Using the hidden semiconductor acquisition instrument, combined with the third generation independent fingerprint identification algorithm of SiGe, it has stronger adaptability to dry and wet fingers, peeling fingers, thin fingers and other special fingerprints, better adaptability to the cold and dry weather environment in winter, and better user experience

5. A new method of fingerprint registration: using a fingerprint registration method similar to iPhone, you can visually see the fingerprint registration image results, what you see is what you get, and enter more fingerprint feature points, which is safer and better to use

6 Developed the second generation of high thrust gearbox type reduction motor, with PCB and program optimization design, the thrust is greater, the service life is longer, and the work is more reliable

action is better than heart. Did you make such a good fingerprint lock. If you can't catch up with the order at the exhibition, don't worry, you can also choose here:

SiGe offline flagship store address: 105 haishiman hardware, first floor, New South, Lianjiang North Road, Jin'an District, Fuzhou

we look forward to your coming again at the next Fuzhou Home Expo




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