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Yesterday, it was learned from Chengdu Yinhe Dynasty Hotel that the second group buying Festival hosted by opened at 12:30 in the international conference hall on the 5th floor of Yinhe Dynasty Hotel. This group buying festival brings together ceramics, bathroom, cabinets, kitchen appliances, floors, wooden doors, wardrobes and other home decoration building materials products. The number of on-site visitors and purchasers reached nearly 1000, and the whole conference hall was bustling with consumers. The popular visit to the procurement site made building materials merchants busy

at the bargaining meeting, Ms. Wang, the person in charge of the king's cabinet activity, said: the king's cabinet will give back the trust and support of the majority of netizens over the years to the brand "Jiarui King's cabinet" with an ultra-low price in this shopping festival. Since its establishment in 2008, the king cabinet has always adhered to the production and management philosophy of "market consumption oriented and customer satisfaction principle". From the selection of cabinet products and the use of hardware accessories, it has strictly checked and screened at all levels to ensure that the quality of each set of cabinet products meets the requirements of customers

Ms. Wang also said that in this building materials consumption market environment where consumers are "not afraid of fakes and formaldehyde", the "Jiarui King cabinet" factory has introduced the most advanced production technology from abroad. Through deep processing of products, the formaldehyde content of cabinet products has been far reduced, so that a large number of consumers will no longer worry about the formaldehyde content of cabinets in their home life

within ten minutes after the king's cabinet bargaining meeting, consumers who placed orders and consulted in detail surrounded the whole King's cabinet booth. Due to the ultra-low price feedback and perfect after-sales service guarantee, the king's cabinet received customer orders on site, setting a record for participating in other group buying activities





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