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On April 15, 2016, the first construction training of Daqin diatom mud this year was officially launched. Based on the principle of serving all consumers, Daqin constantly improves and improves various technologies, and systematically trains various construction service processes. The first construction training was also successfully completed on April 21

the six phases of construction training in 2015 have received extensive attention from agents all over the country. Therefore, when the first batch of trainees are recruited this year, new and old agents actively sign up, send construction masters to the enterprise for training, and more bosses personally participate in construction learning in order to better serve consumers in their busy schedule, striving to give consumers the most perfect construction effect

the picture is: left: the master learns the proportion of water added to the material and the mixing of the material. Right: Wang Gong drills how to deal with the flatness of the wall

during the seven day training process, Wang Gong theoretically guides and demonstrates the texture production process on site. According to the different levels of each student, different technical guidance is given. The students can effectively master the construction skills by combining the teacher's guidance and on-site practice

the picture shows that Wang Gong is making a construction demonstration for the students. The picture shows that the texture display of the students and his practice that day is as important as the construction. What is equally important is the requirements and treatment methods of the construction diatom mud on the base course, the construction process management, the site arrangement and the details that need to be paid attention to in the construction process. This link is put on the day before the construction assessment, and the case type detailed explanation is carried out by general manager Mao of the customer service department

the picture shows: Chairman Mao carried out on-site theoretical training. The picture shows: the construction master listened carefully

Daqin headquarters also hoped that through each construction training, local agents would have a deeper and more professional understanding of Daqin diatom mud and better serve consumers. It is also hoped that with the joint efforts of Daqin people everywhere, Daqin will have a higher position and a stronger technical level in the brand of diatom mud, provide a strong guarantee for future development, and strive to be a diatom mud art brand that satisfies and reassures consumers

Daqin diatom mud was rated as a diatom mud professional technical training base by the diatom mud professional technical committee of the ecological environment building materials branch of the China Building Materials Federation. It is one of the few technical training bases in China. As a benchmark enterprise in the diatom mud industry, Daqin, in addition to continuous innovative research and development of products and processes




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