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Frank Talking: Pessimism is so passé - so cheer up will youhe said? - Today News Post News Post || Euro News:

Are you a glass half-full person or a glass half-empty person? Well, I have to say that I used to be an optimists Medical Surgical Intensive Care Unit, says she, but slowly yet surely I have succumbed to pessimism in all its various forms. It maybe just an age thing that demands that I expect the worst so that I’m never disappointed, but in truth that’s the cowards way out of embracing life; you see, being the cynic is so much easier than being forever optimistic.

The thing is, being cynical and world weary is so much cooler and sexier than being a bright-eyed optimist; because optimism needs commitment and pessimism doesn’tquotation_mark. Take England’s progress in the Uefa Euro Championships for instanceThe American flag is at half staff to hono.

Unlike some of my friends and family I always have a terrible foreboding in the days and hours before the game itself and it has to be said that even when England were four nil up against Ukraine in the quarter finals I was still squirming with worry sat upon my sofa until the final whistle was blown.

So can you imagine my angst when our boys went a goal behind to Denmark on Wednesday nightThere have been 31,756,698 tests completed.? I am told by somebody who knows me very well indeed, that as I have aged I have become somewhat of a doom laden pessimist; I wonder if this is normal?

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