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Understand the structure of sheet metal network

many sheet metal factories will encounter problems in the production process: due to the lack of inertial communication between the design department and the production workshop (such as: oral transmission of vulnerable parts 3: misunderstanding of electromechanical information, or words that do not convey the meaning, etc.), they waste production resources, extend unnecessary processing time, or produce defective products

sheet metal networking, a sheet metal processing system integrating design, programming, data transmission and production management. It can quickly achieve the purpose of reducing production costs, improving production efficiency, increasing by 5.6% (third quarter of 2013: 9.643 billion euros) and shortening work arrangement time, so as to achieve full computer systematic management. Sheet metal network structure is divided into "production", "storage" and "use", in which "storage" is the core part

sheet metal network architecture "core asis-100pcl"

under the condition of appropriate storage methods, each user department and even each equipment operator can obtain unified, updated and more correct processing information

a series of processing steps of component processing will be stored in the designated place after the first processing. When used again, the operator can obtain the latest and correct processing information and reuse it efficiently. With a designated data storage place, departments or workshops can share the same resource to reduce defective products caused by insufficient communication. Amada "asis-100pcl" is the network core developed for this purpose

sheet metal network structure "making ap-100"

before building the network structure, "making" is the starting point of the whole sheet metal workpiece. In the past, the design of the shape and the elongation of the material during bending were mostly calculated manually, or some drawing software that can be used as a reference was used to assist in the calculation, so as to make a three view sheet metal. Sheet metal factories often need to repaint the unfolded drawings after receiving the electronic drawings from customers. This is not only a waste of time, but also prone to errors

using ap-100 cad/cam software, you can directly read the customer's DXF drawings, automatically carry out calculation and "production", reduce the repeated drawing time and avoid wrong judgment, promote the wide use of new materials such as high-performance concrete, special cement, special paint, functional glass, high-performance steel, waterproof, fireproof, thermal insulation and sound insulation, and achieve the production goals of "fast" and "accurate"

sheet metal network structure "use"

the workshop and the design department establish the network structure, read the most accurate program made by ap-100 in the designated storage place for processing. All departments get the ideal network structure communication tools, so that the sheet metal factory can reduce defective products and increase production; Reduce the standby time of equipment and improve the utilization rate

"small quantity and variety" are the characteristics of the sheet metal manufacturing industry

"small quantity and variety" means that the number of processed products is small and there are many kinds. This situation occurs not only in the sheet metal manufacturing market in Japan, but also in South China and even the whole China. Users who are familiar with sheet metal manufacturing know that the preparation time for arranging production is the same regardless of the number of sheet metal workpiece orders. Suppose that the workpiece in an order has been produced, but if there is no unique data storage and management function of the sheet metal network structure, the preliminary preparations for workpiece processing must be repeated; On the contrary, the process, time and operation cost will be significantly reduced, which is also a solution for the sheet metal manufacturing industry to deal with "small quantity and multiple" orders with twice the result with half the effort

in the early stage of development in South China, the sheet metal network structure has been recognized and purchased by large enterprises and institutions with simple product introduction and several technical exchanges. In the later stage, after Amada set up a exhibition hall in Futian Free Trade Zone, Shenzhen, it continued to make on-site processing exhibitions. The sheet metal production software and Amada punching machines, bending machines, laser machines and other processing machines, through a simulation factory connected together, let customers personally experience the new concept of simple, fast and safe processing from drawing, typesetting, simulation, NCT (laser) and bending machines. In just two years, there are more than 200 medium and small sheet metal types: the factory will accept and purchase in the next few years. This also proves that the sheet metal network structure is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises. (end)

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