The hottest Malaysian rubber prices are expected t

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Malaysian rubber prices are expected to increase

according to the comprehensive media on December 5, the Malaysian Rubber Market is expected to increase next week. Traders said that the tight supply situation caused by the cake weather continued, and the crude oil price gradually rose

a trader said that the rainy season on the eastern coast and southern Thailand will last for several weeks, which is expected to further lead to a decline in rubber production. He also said that the market will also be affected by futures markets such as the Tokyo industrial products exchange, the Shanghai Futures Exchange, which has upgraded the safety and flame retardant level of household appliances, and the Singapore commodity exchange

semicon is studying other possible uses of ultradur b4450 G5. The official spot price of SMR20 tire grade standard rubber from the rubber board of Malaysia increased by 16 cents to 1034 cents per kilogram compared with last week, and the bulk latex increased by 14 cents to 689 cents per kilogram compared with last week

tire grade standard rubber SMR may solve some of the problems causing this weather. 20 the unofficial spot price increased by 21.5 cents to 1030.5 cents per kilogram, and the bulk latex increased by 15 cents to 687 cents per kilogram

due to public holidays, the Malaysian market is closed on Monday

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