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A male patient held a knife and kidnapped a female nurse. Plainclothes police successfully "persuaded him to surrender"

yesterday evening, a man held a knife and kidnapped a female nurse in the emergency infusion room of Jiangsu Provincial People's hospital. Finally, the female nurse was successfully rescued by the police without injury. It is understood that Wang kidnapped the female nurse to ask her family to be present because of a family dispute, but it has not been confirmed by the police

onlookers took photos on the third floor inside and outside

at 5:10 p.m. yesterday, in the infusion room 2 on the second floor of the emergency department of Jiangsu Provincial People's hospital

in this room, which can accommodate more than 70 people for infusion at the same time, most of the seats are occupied by drip users, and the female nurses are busy

Ms. Zhang (surnamed Hua), who took care of her family, remembered that she was going to have dinner, so she went out of the infusion room with her lunch box. When she came back, she heard that the room was in chaos, and she stepped up a few steps to return to the infusion room

"a man was standing against the wall, holding a palm long fruit knife in his hand, and a little nurse was dragging in front of him. The knife in the man's hand was placed on the nurse's neck, and the nurse was a little afraid, and his body tilted, and he didn't dare to move."

"those who took drops and took care of patients stood up one after another, and explored the inner and outer floors to see what was going on. Many people were taking pictures in their hands."

the man's knife rest is on the nurse's neck

it is understood that the man suddenly appeared in the infusion room, and no one noticed where he "emerged"

as soon as the man appeared, he was very excited. He shouted loudly and walked straight through the crowd to the busy female nurse. He went to the southernmost corner of the nurse station, grabbed the unprepared female nurse, and put a fruit knife that he didn't know when to open on her neck

the man held the knife rest around the nurse's neck, looked around, and looked out warily. He obviously knew that the police would arrive at the scene soon

the infusion room therefore drives all the liquid in the hydraulic transmission pipe to move back and forth relative to its average position. Although the money is large, all the infusion chairs are placed, leaving a very small space, and the whole place forms a narrow triangle. Around the man, within threeorfour steps, there are people who receive fluids

the police negotiated to save the hostages

after the police arrived at the scene, the man held the knife tightly and shouted to let all uniformed police exit the infusion room. The negotiation police in plain clothes negotiated with the man on the scene. About 10 minutes later, the man's mind was cleared, the female nurse was released, and then he was taken away by the drum tower police. It is worth mentioning that until she was rescued, the female nurse had a good control of her fear and did not surprise the man

the description of the hostage incident released by the hospital revealed that the man was a patient of the hospital and was being treated in the infusion room on the second floor of the hospital. Later, the little nurse took him to the corner of the infusion room unprepared. The hospital also said that there was no medical dispute between the man and the hospital

it may be because of family disputes

according to the police, on February 1, Professor Zhang Liqun of the advanced elastomer material research center of Beijing University of Chemical Technology said that at about 17:00 on the 8th, Gulou Public Security Branch received an instruction from the 110 command center of Nanjing Public Security Bureau, saying that a male patient in the infusion room on the second floor of the emergency building of the provincial people's hospital held a female nurse working in the nurse station with a fruit knife because of family conflicts

after some negotiation, at about 17:30, plainclothes policemen and other policemen took the opportunity to successfully rescue the kidnapped female nurse, and the female nurse was not injured

then, the man was controlled on the spot, and no one was injured on the scene

after investigation, the suspect is Wang, male, 34 years old, from Feixi County, Anhui Province. On the morning of February 18, Mr. Wang came to the provincial people's Hospital from his hometown in Anhui to see a doctor

as for the reason why Wang kidnapped the female nurse, it is not clear at present. It is reported that Wang kidnapped the female nurse and asked her family to be present because of a family dispute, but it has not been confirmed by the police. At present, the relevant situation of the case is under further verification

experts interpret

it is very dangerous for the onlookers to take photos collectively with their machines

Zhang Chun, a psychologist, commented that the afternoon was very dangerous

the first danger: men become "stars"

when the man broke into the scene, everyone took out their photos together

this is quite dangerous. When criminals commit crimes, their emotions themselves are at the critical point of collapse. At this time, if the scene is different from the criminal's prediction, his fear and anxiety will suddenly increase, and his actions will become larger and out of control

"I don't think he will be only 4% composed of solid polyurethane anyway. I think he will be under a pile of cameras when he raises his knife."

the second danger: the man became "air". When the kidnapping began, many people in the infusion room were very close to the man, but they looked down or ignored the man. The atmosphere of the whole scene was not like an ongoing case

Zhang Chun analyzed that in the script designed and predicted by the man, he certainly did not hold a knife, but he was treated like air. This atmosphere would increase his anger, and he would be stimulated by too much accident

for the response performance of the people on the scene, Zhang Chun said that they should remain silent on the scene on the premise of self-protection. The best way is to follow the criminal's psychological expectations and conform to the atmosphere. Don't go against his psychology to avoid irritating the other party. Besides, try to call the police secretly; Secondly, under the condition of ensuring their own safety and the safety of hostages, do a good job of containment, and do not let criminals escape easily

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