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Major teams have been studying for 17 years to develop high stability vegetable insulating oil to ensure transformer safety

original title of this article: "admire! Since 0, major teams have been studying for 17 years to develop high stability vegetable insulating oil to ensure transformer safety"

Chongqing in July, the summer is hot. Electricity security has become one of the most concerned things

transformers that can be seen everywhere in urban and rural areas are like a "setter", shouldering the responsibility of transmitting the electricity output from power plants to thousands of households after changing the voltage and current. This shows the importance of transformer safety

the insulating oil development laboratory of the school of electrical engineering of Chongqing University has placed samples of rapeseed insulating oil, camellia seed insulating oil, etc.

how to improve the safety of transformers

the high voltage and insulation technology team of Chongqing University (hereinafter referred to as the high voltage team) dare to be the first. After 17 years of continuous research since 2000, it has developed high stability vegetable insulation oil. The application of this oil in transformers can improve the ignition point of insulating oil and the service life of transformer insulating paper, so as to make the transformer safer

the "key technology and application of high stability vegetable insulating oil" project led by them won the first prize of technological invention in the 2017 Chongqing Science and technology award. On July 17, Chongqing came to Chongqing University and learned from Li Jian, the project leader, the R & D experience of the team from scratch, step by step

the encouragement of academician sun Caixin

made them dare to step into the blank field

"at the beginning of research and development, we had nothing but ideas." Talking about the research and development experience, Li Jian frankly said that the high voltage team of Chongqing University was the first group of people engaged in the research and application of high stability vegetable insulating oil in China. When they started in 2000, they had no precedent for reference, and the only clue was several foreign related technical patents and papers

people who do scientific research are most afraid of choosing the wrong direction. Is this direction feasible? It was academician sun Caixin, his mentor, who strengthened Li Jian's confidence. As early as 1999, academician sun Caixin began to pay attention to the international research trend of high stability vegetable insulating oil. In 2000, academician sun Caixin encouraged Li Jian: this direction is worth studying

the encouragement of the tutor has become the biggest driving force for Li Jian and the high-pressure team. After their investigation, they found that vegetable insulating oil has high ignition point, renewable and natural degradation, and is considered to be a good substitute for mineral insulating oil. In the 1990s, European and American power equipment manufacturers attached great importance to this

but in China, the value of this research was not optimistic at that time. The high-voltage team is facing such a test: as a research team in the electrical field, they have to "cross-border" develop a new material

what should I do? The team decided to start from scratch and do it by themselves

hard work in scientific research

part time "Porter", "cleaner" seems to be in sight of success "," engineer "

doing it by himself means continuous and hard work

Li Jian recalled that the research team at that time had only a few young teachers and a dozen master's and doctoral students. The conditions are also very limited. All teachers and students have to do it by themselves and hold "several positions"

at that time, there was no air conditioner in the laboratory. In summer, when conducting live tests, it was necessary to endure the sultry heat for several hours. When the vegetable oil used for the experiment was purchased, the teachers and students worked as "porters" by themselves, lifting their shoulders and hands, and pouring hundreds of kilograms of oil into the experimental equipment. At the end of the day, the floor of the laboratory was covered with oil, and the teachers and students became "cleaners" again, spending oneortwo hours scrubbing the floor of the laboratory

when the plant insulating oil sample is developed and enters the practical operation link, teachers and students will go to the site to install and debug the equipment

after six years of exploration, the high-voltage team began with oil preparation, and finally obtained high stability domestic vegetable insulating oil through repeated tests and regular exploration. Li Jian introduced that the main physical, chemical and dielectric performance indicators of oil products are equivalent to the advanced level of similar foreign products, among which the key performance indicators such as breakdown voltage, dielectric loss and initial oxidation temperature are significantly better than those of similar foreign products

no small problems are missed

theoretical research is successfully transformed into industrial products

but the high-pressure team is not satisfied with doing research only in the laboratory. They hope to turn the research results into industrialized products and truly serve the market. Therefore, the process, equipment and other issues in the batch process have become the next difficulty they have to overcome

during this period, there was a twists and turns that impressed Li Jian: during the equipment commissioning, the dielectric loss of oil products (i.e. dielectric loss, which refers to the energy loss caused by dielectric conductivity and dielectric polarization inside the insulating material under the action of electric field) was difficult to achieve the expected goal, but the reason was always unclear

for this reason, the high-pressure team spent more than a month on repeated commissioning, and finally found that the oil filter equipment pipeline was incompatible with oil, resulting in excessive dielectric loss

"this is only a small problem among the many problems we encounter." Li Jian said that no matter how small and trivial the problem is, the high-pressure team will find out the root cause. (4) China's comprehensive prevention of vanadium slag import has become the fuse that ignites the surge in vanadium prices. Finally, they built the first production line with an annual output of 300 tons of vegetable insulating oil in China

it is this meticulous spirit that made the high-voltage team take an important step in 2013: they successfully developed China's first complete set of equipment with an annual output of 1500 tons of vegetable insulating oil with all independent intellectual property rights in cooperation with the Electric Power Research Institute of Henan electric power company

in 2013, the on-site evaluation experts of the State Key Laboratory evaluated the technical achievements as "leading the research and application of vegetable insulating oil transformers in China". The third-party evaluation opinion of Chongqing Association for the promotion of the transformation of scientific and technological achievements believes that the research results are "at the international leading level in terms of oxidation resistance and insulation performance"

by 2017, with the outstanding advantages of low life cycle cost and high safety performance, the vegetable insulating oil transformers produced by the high-voltage team in cooperation with Henan 4, electro-hydraulic servo all-round data experimental machine, Jiangsu, Guangdong and other places have been sold nearly 1000 sets nationwide. At the end of the same year, the first 110kV large vegetable oil power transformer developed by the high voltage team in cooperation with Nanfang power was put into operation in Guangzhou

up to now, the technical achievements of high stability vegetable insulating oil have won 21 national invention patents and 6 utility model patents, and 32 SCI papers and 56 EI papers have been published. SCI is suitable for polyurethane composites of flat products: waneflex 691/wannate 80691, which has been cited 375 times, and is widely recognized internationally

Li Jian revealed that the high pressure team has taken the lead in formulating one industry standard and is taking the lead in drafting one national and one industry standard respectively. Next, the HV team will continue to optimize the freezing point and viscosity of vegetable insulating oil to make it more widely used

team leader introduction

Li Jian, Professor, doctoral supervisor. Currently, he is the deputy director of the State Key Laboratory of power transmission and distribution equipment and system safety and new technology (Chongqing University), the dean of the school of electrical engineering of Chongqing University, and also a member of the d1.52 and d1.53 working groups of the International Conference on big electricity (CIGRE). It is mainly engaged in the research of environmental protection liquid dielectric, reliability evaluation of new energy equipment, condition monitoring and intelligent fault diagnosis of electrical equipment

source: Chongqing

Author: Shen Xiaojia, Zhang Jinhui

: Jiang Lei

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