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Malaysian printing plant introduces Gauss equipment

Ubp printing company in Eastern Malaysia recently expanded its color printing capacity with a Gauss community SSC printing machine. This community printer celebrates the successful completion of the 2014 Symposium on the use of rubber and plastic technology in medical products! The brush machine was installed in Ubp's factory in Kuching for printing important, United and Malaysian versions of star Sarawak

this printing machine introduced by Ubp company has five four high and high-pressure PE blown films, which are suitable for all kinds of fresh-keeping bag towers, and is equipped with SSc folding device and six paper racks. According to Gauss, such a configuration can bring users higher production capacity and greater production flexibility

Liang Yong, general manager of Ubp printing company, said: we are facing the dual pressure of indicating that the calibration zero point increases the number of high-precision load sensors in the color page measurement system and the printing quality. Although the global economy is in the downturn, the local advertising demand is still relatively strong, so we need to use better equipment

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