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Teach you how to save ink in color ink-jet printers

with the reduction of the price of ink-jet printers and the continuous improvement of printing quality, many families have configured color ink-jet printers, but expensive consumables, especially the consumption of ink, are the practical problems we have to face. Only by using it reasonably and correctly can we save ink, reduce printing costs, and truly be affordable

next, take an Epson stylus C43 series as an example to introduce some ink saving skills of color ink jet printer

1. Select the print quality as needed

the ink consumption of the inkjet printer is directly proportional to its print quality and resolution. This machine puts the test product on the experimental table, and we should choose the corresponding print resolution and print quality according to different application requirements

when printing documents with low color requirements, the quality type of "text" mode can be used to save ink by reducing the printing quality

when printing documents with rich colors, reasonable setting of printing attributes can not only save ink, but also greatly improve the printing speed

for example, when printing a file that does not require color, we can set it according to the following steps: click the "preferences" button in the print screen, the printer attribute setting screen will appear, select "print preferences", the main window of printer preferences will appear, and select "text" in the quality type. Then click "advanced", and a "attention" dialog box will appear. Click "so it is very suitable for making softball shoes, baseball shoes, golf shoes, football shoes soles and forefeet continue", open the corresponding dialog box, and select "black ink only" in "printing options", so that color ink can be saved during printing, avoiding unnecessary waste

2. Avoid background color

some pages use color or other patterns as the background, and try not to print these backgrounds before printing. We can open it. Let's first understand the Internet properties. In the "print" option, cancel the selection of "print background color and image". Otherwise, it is possible to waste a lot of ink and paper because of the heavy background color

3. Reduce the number of starts

every time the inkjet printer starts, it should automatically clean the print head and initialize the printer, and fill the ink delivery system with ink, which will waste a lot of ink, so it is best not to start it frequently. We should try our best to calculate the difference between the sizes of the corresponding plastic parts measured when the relative humidity of printing is 50 ± 5%, and print the documents together at one time, so as to achieve the purpose of saving ink

4. Reduce cleaning times

do not check, correct or clean the nozzle easily. Epson inkjet printers are generally equipped with tool software, which can check, calibrate and clean the nozzle. The inspection and correction need to be printed, of course, ink is needed; Cleaning the nozzle requires more ink, resulting in waste. Therefore, the nozzle should be checked, corrected or cleaned only when there is a problem with the print quality

the above is the author's experience in using Epson stylus C43 series color ink jet printers. For printers of other brands and models, ink can also be saved through corresponding settings

Author: Yan Tingzhu

source: China inkjet

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