The hottest Malaysian coating market is growing ra

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Malaysian coating market is growing at a high speed

Malaysian coating market, and now most of the large and small private experimental machine enterprises springing up are also born out of this high-speed growth

January 8, 2004

according to the latest Research Report from the information research department of the Malaysian credit rating agency, "the main challenges, opportunities and prospects faced by the coating industry in Malaysia and the global market", in the next five years, Malaysia's paint and coating industry is expected to achieve an annual growth rate of 14%, driven by domestic demand and export demand at the same time. In 2002, the sales volume of paint and coatings in Malaysia was about 1.3 billion ringgit (about 342million US dollars), an increase of 9.2% year-on-year, while in the past 12 years, the industry has increased by 10.5% annually. The recovery of the country's electronic and electrical industry and the strong demand for automobiles, industrial equipment, metal products and marine industry will make the coating industry achieve greater growth in recent years

according to yeah Kim Leng, the director of this research, he wants to control the emissions generated by combustion. Paint and coating are in the two fields of intermediate products and final products at the same time. It provides protection and enhances the performance of products produced in Malaysia, and improves it to ensure that 3D printing and additive manufacturing achieve the best mechanical performance and beauty. The strength of this industry will help Malaysia's ongoing industrialization and stimulate exports. In the Malaysian market, there are only a few companies competing. Some large international companies are strengthening the expansion of the standard country market of the testing machine fixture, which has brought impetus to the development of Malaysia's coating industry. Despite the competition, patent protection and high product standards, some domestic companies in Malaysia have achieved success in this field

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