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Understand the advantages of silicone rubber fully cold shrinkable cable accessory technology

silicone rubber material is a kind of polymer material with stable performance. At two hundred degrees Celsius and minus 50 degrees Celsius, "calm Engineering Plastics: if suppliers develop new technologies for high-performance plastics", it still retains its original strength and elasticity. As a leading enterprise in the field of material science and technology, silicone rubber also has good electrical insulation, oxygen resistance and aging resistance, light resistance and aging resistance, mold resistance, chemical stability, etc. Because of this excellent performance, silicone rubber has been widely and important used in modern electric power, medicine, military and other fields of environmental stress cracking (ESC)

advantages of cold shrinkable cable accessories (silicone rubber) technology

cold shrinkable cable accessories are simple and fast without special tools during installation; No hot work, safe and reliable; It has long-lasting radial pressure on the cable body, and "breathes" with the cable. It has good sealing and waterproof performance to ensure long-term reliable operation

■ adopt full cold shrinkage Technology:

the most advanced full cold shrinkage technology is adopted for the cold shrinkage cable accessories, which does not need hot work and special tools. During installation, just pull out the wire core, and the elastomer will shrink rapidly and be clamped to the required installation position

■ reliable insulation:

silicone rubber has excellent insulation and high recovery elasticity, and will never cause breakdown and click through due to the breathing effect of the cable during operation after installation

■ good sealing:

it is sealed as a whole to prevent and avoid operation accidents caused by atmospheric ring impact

■ easy installation:

cold shrink cable accessories are installed without fire or heating, safe and reliable, time-saving and labor-saving; One specification is applicable to multiple cable diameters; Without special tools, the construction and installation are convenient, rapid and safe. Cold shrink automatic reset technology, easy installation without sweating

■ widely used:

cold shrink cable accessories have pollution resistance, aging resistance, good hydrophobicity, and excellent cold resistance, especially suitable for high altitude areas, cold areas, wet areas, salt fog areas, and heavily polluted areas. There is no open fire during installation, which is especially suitable for inflammable and explosive places such as petroleum, chemical industry, mining, etc

■ beautiful appearance:

the cold shrink tube is lengthened without seam line, and the appearance is smooth and beautiful

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