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Malvern instruments signed a market cooperation agreement with Netzsch grinding and dispersion division on June 3, 2013, Shanghai, China - a few days ago, the world's leading material characterization company Malvern instruments of the United Kingdom and Netzsch grinding and cobalt products of Germany were once hard to find. The dispersion division (headquartered in SELP, Germany) - a global manufacturer of industrial wet and dry grinding, mixing and dispersion equipment signed a market cooperation agreement. The products of the two companies can serve many industries, including pharmaceuticals, ceramics, nanotechnology applications, food, surface coatings and mining

in the first three years of the agreement, this cooperation will be committed to integrating the advantageous resources of the two companies in material processing and material characterization, and making full use of their respective international brand benefits and unique technical expertise

according to the agreement, the customers and potential customers of the two companies can enjoy Netzsch's exquisite grinding technology and Malvin's excellent particle size analysis solution at the same time. By providing comprehensive solutions and diversified services, the cooperation further meets the growing personalized needs of customers

Malvin global general manager can prepare 26 foot wide products. Mr. paulwalker commented: "The cooperation between the two global companies can integrate their own high-quality resources, including expert technology, rich experience and unique understanding of the market. Both companies uphold the common customer philosophy, that is, to provide the best solution for each customer's personalized needs. Therefore, the improvement and development of new solutions for particle characterization technology and grinding technology will become the top priority of this agreement. We will actively carry out this agreement with each other Cooperate to help customers optimize their processing technology and product quality, and give full play to our technology. "

Dimitriosmakrakis, general manager of Netzsch grinding division, also said: "Particle characterization technology is becoming more and more important for particles finely ground to submicron and nano scale, because particle size has a direct impact on product characteristics. The accuracy and repeatability of particle size analysis are the premise of process optimization and quality control. Malvin, as the world's leading supplier of particle size and material characterization analysis solutions, will be Netzsch's ideal partner. By providing comprehensive information for grinding and material characterization technology Our customers of both companies will benefit from this cooperation

in the first stage of opening-up, Netzsch will install and use the Marvin mastersizer3000 laser diffraction particle size analyzer as the conventional particle size measuring instrument for the output particles of the grinder in its demonstration and testing laboratories in major markets such as Germany, the United States, Brazil, China, South Korea, India and Russia. Malvern instrument application experts from all regions will also go to the site to analyze and support the test data

cooperation seminars and other forms of cooperation between the two sides will also be launched in important market areas, so as to deliver valuable information and provide solutions for customers and potential customers of the two companies

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