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Three new products of Sany mining excavator and dual fuel excavator came off the assembly line

three new products of Sany mining excavator and dual fuel excavator came off the assembly line

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on July 18, good news came from Sany Kunshan Industrial Park: sy245h, sy485h mining excavator and sy465h dual fuel excavator, and the three new products came off the assembly line smoothly. The advent of two new mine type products has officially sounded the call for Sany excavator to enter the high-end market of mines. The demand for power Li battery cathode materials in 2017 (2) and 2020 is 85600 tons, 118000 tons, 147000 tons and 199200 tons respectively. The smooth offline of sy465h dual fuel excavator also marks a new step for Sany Heavy Machinery in the application of clean energy. Yu Hongfu, chairman of Sany Heavy machinery, and Xiang Ruan, general manager, attended the offline ceremony

mine type excavator, many "firsts" refer to the top of the mine

the first excavator using fuel oil self filtration system, the first excavator equipped with national third emission engine, the first excavator using independent oil dispersion, and the first excavator with a structural component life of more than 10000 hours. These "domestic firsts" were created by the new offline sy485h excavator

in order to solve the problem of uneven quality of diesel used in domestic mines. Sany sy485h excavator has created the fuel tank self filtration system and high-precision fuel three-stage filtration system, which ensures that the fuel cleanliness entering the system meets the requirements of the national third emission engine and realizes the general adaptation of the national third engine to domestic oil products

at the same time, the working conditions of the mine are dominated by the stripping and excavation of stonework, which requires high engine power. The sy485h, which is equipped with a high-power national three emission engine, reserves high power and torque under the condition of meeting the upgrading requirements of domestic emission standards, meeting the requirements of high-load operation of the mine

in addition, the high temperature and high load of the mine operating environment, the high temperature of the hydraulic system not only makes the machine have excellent gas resistance, transparency, gloss, mechanical strength, scalability, wear resistance, cold resistance and surface strength, but also reduces the operating performance, and will shorten the service life of the excavator's hydraulic system. Sy485h equipped with independent hydraulic oil heat dissipation system greatly improves the heat dissipation capacity of hydraulic oil and effectively ensures the service performance of the machine and the service life of the hydraulic system

it is worth mentioning that the sy245h mining machine launched by China excavation company this time has the same excellent performance. The 1.5 experimental machine should have a nameplate and signs or marks indicating smoothness, control, safety, etc. In the development process of this product, the project team carried out detailed market research in the early stage, and conducted in-depth research on the profit model of small and medium-sized mines and the business philosophy of customers. This requires the selection and design of different fixtures according to different experimental forces and the shape and size of samples Enter the analysis. At the same time, they also formulated a detailed technical route for mine operation conditions, operation performance, industrial modeling and other aspects, which better meets the actual needs of customers and has a promising market prospect

dual fuel large hydraulic excavator, taking into account performance and environmental protection

how to take into account the requirements of the times of energy conservation and environmental protection without sacrificing the dynamic performance of the excavator? The sy465h dual fuel excavator launched by Sany Heavy Machinery gives the answer. On this dual fuel excavator, a number of "pioneering" technologies have also been born

sy465h pioneered single point injection and independent control technology of fuel and gas, which can accurately control the injection volume and injection time of fuel and gas, and can take into account the requirements of economy and responsiveness. At the same time, this equipment also pioneered the matching technology of gas and fuel dual fuel mode and positive flow control system, and the transient control strategy technology. These technologies achieved the balance between power and economy to the greatest extent

the relevant person in charge said: "the advent of sy465h dual fuel excavator has flag significance. Based on the analysis of the current market situation, the prediction of the future, and the grasp of the development trend of energy utilization, we have reason to believe that this product will have a broad market prospect and lead the natural gasification reform of the excavator market."

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