In the past 15 years, Lovol Valley God has become

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On May 14, the first batch of Weichai Lovol Gansu users arrived in Nanyang, Henan Province to buy Lovol Valley wheat machines, and thus began the three summer gold digging in 2021

the first batch of machine lifting users came from Zhangye, Gansu Province, and nearly 50 Lovol Ceres wheat machines were lifted on that day. "Since 2012, we have bought Ceres every year, and our operation team has gradually changed Ceres. I have deep experience in the development and changes of Lovol Ceres. Choosing the right car also brings me a good life. My two children go to school and rely on Ceres for money, so I have feelings for it." After completing the procedures, Master Zhang said happily. At the same time, users in other parts of Gansu also arrived here one after another to pick up the machine. After picking up the car, they directly began to work in the local and surrounding areas, and went all the way north according to the wheat harvest progress. With the route of summer grain harvest, they helped the grain particles return to the warehouse

it is reported that the model with the most machine lifts this time is Lovol Ceres GM100 wheat machine, which adopts the new four high stability generation body, positive pressure cab, the whole machine adopts HST hydrostatic drive, 190 HP common rail engine, and the power is more powerful; Using a 3.7-meter high grain unloading cylinder, the grain unloading speed is faster and the efficiency is higher; The 3-meter-wide header is adopted, and the angle of reel oil cylinder is adjustable, with wider adaptability; In order to occupy an active position in the market, the double-layer reciprocating opposite vibrating screen has a cleaning area of 2.6 m2 and a stronger cleaning capacity; The "bullet head" single longitudinal axial flow drum is adopted, and the rotating speed of the drum is stepless and adjustable. Polyurethane filled fabric samples are fed smoothly, and there is no need to replace the drum. By replacing the header and threshing elements, it can harvest wheat, corn, soybeans, rape and other crops. One machine with multiple functions, high efficiency and high income, good comfort and other characteristics make it an ideal choice for professional cross district users

fifteen years of trials and tribulations have fully demonstrated customers' affirmation of Weichai Lovol products and services. The deep friendship like a close friend has witnessed the common growth of cross regional users in Gansu and Weichai Lovol heavy industry, and it is also an epitome of the deepening of East-West cooperation and the promotion of common development in Gansu and Shandong. In the future, Weichai Lovol heavy industry will continue to take customer satisfaction as the purpose, and provide users with a new round of global scientific and technological revolution and industrial reform with more intelligent products and services. It is poised for a more efficient and accurate wealth creation plan, and contribute agricultural machinery to rural revitalization

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