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In 13 years, eight subsidiaries were established, and maohai group added two more BHS tile lines

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with the rapid development of the packaging industry, customers' demand for cardboard boxes tends to be small, diverse and high-quality. To meet this demand, production equipment will inevitably develop towards high-speed, high-efficiency and high automation

maohai group added two 2.5-meter BHS tile lines and plans to add another 2.8-meter high-speed line within two years.

in order to better meet customer needs and market services, the chairman of maohai group and the group's technical personnel visited all over the country, and finally signed two 2.5-meter German BHS production lines, which were installed in Baodi and Jinghai factories respectively

the group plans to add another 2.8m high-speed production line in Wuqing factory in 2022, with an investment of nearly 100 million. In addition, it is planned that the monthly output of paperboard will be more than 60million square meters within three years, and the monthly output value of the group's paperboard cartons will be more than 200 million

A total of 8 branches have been established in the past 13 years, covering Beijing Tianjin Hebei region. Maohai paper has established a factory in Wuqing District of Tianjin since 2004, mainly serving the packaging industry and various manufacturing enterprises in Beijing Tianjin Hebei region, specializing in the production of various corrugated cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, medium and high-grade paper boxes, color boxes, paper cans and other products

over the years, different experimental machines have different functions. Adhering to the purpose of "high quality and low price, high efficiency and punctuality, customer first, win-win cooperation", the group has worked hard, and the scale of the enterprise continues to expand. In the past 13 years, the group has established a total of 8 branches. In order to better improve the company's management, serve customers and share resources among companies, maohai group was officially established on February 18, 2017

maohai group has eight subsidiaries nationwide, including Beijing Lanrui packaging and Printing Co., Ltd., tianwo products with only 5kg pull. Tianjin maohai Paper Printing Co., Ltd., Tianjin maohai carton Co., Ltd., Tianjin maohai Yongtai paper products Co., Ltd., Tianjin maohai Jinfu paper products Co., Ltd., Tianjin haimafu packaging products Co., Ltd., Zhangjiakou tianmaoyuan paper products Printing Co., Ltd Qingdao maohai Hengtai new packaging materials Co., Ltd

the company now has more than 1600 employees, managers and professional technicians, and more than 50 professional salesmen. Only after you have a detailed understanding of the following information of the company will you know that under the guidance of the company's mission of "making first-class packaging and making China more competitive", the company has always followed the purpose of "high quality, efficiency and innovation", with a realistic style and efficient service, Strive to build a national first-class packaging enterprise to fully meet customers' requirements for products

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