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In the hot summer, Shanghai pays close attention to the safety of glass curtain walls and beware of "glass rain"

the continuous high temperature and frequent typhoons in summer are the high incidence seasons of glass curtain wall building damage and cracking. Yesterday, it was learned from relevant departments that the city officially issued new regulations to prevent "glass rain", requiring the establishment of a special observation system for the facade of building glass curtain walls and the establishment of observation records. In case of high temperature above 35 ℃, ensure that more than 2 people observe each facade synchronously every hour

it is reported that there are 4200 glass curtain wall buildings in Shanghai. Once the glass bursts and falls, the "glass rain" will cause unimaginable consequences

the relevant "notice" jointly issued by the municipal construction and Transportation Commission and the Municipal Housing Administration Bureau, which was released yesterday, made it clear that the owner is the person responsible for the safe use and maintenance of glass curtain wall buildings and should carry out comprehensive inspection. The inspection contents include: it is necessary to strengthen the comprehensive inspection of curtain wall glass, sealant strips, openable windows, hardware connectors, etc. by itself or by entrusting relevant units to ensure the safety of use; If it is found in the inspection that it is one of the important performance indicators of metal materials, the hidden danger of safe use or the explosion of curtain wall glass should be entrusted to a unit with corresponding qualifications and capabilities for detection or maintenance in time, so as to prevent the occurrence of secondary disasters; They should strengthen the inspection and inform the users by themselves or together with the entrusted property service unit. It is required to control the indoor air conditioning temperature above 26 degrees Celsius in the high temperature season. Heavy or hard objects are not allowed to rely on the curtain wall glass. When carrying objects indoors, collision with the curtain wall glass should be avoided

the notice also puts forward specific requirements for the entrusted property service units to strengthen the daily inspection of building glass curtain walls

at the same time, it also clearly requires the construction administrative departments of all districts and counties to establish a complete existing glass curtain wall building information database within their jurisdiction; Conscientiously implement the "four do not let go", that is, do not let go of building glass curtain walls that have not been inspected, do not let go of hidden dangers of different degrees found in the inspection, do not let go of rectification measures that have not been implemented or implemented effectively, and do not let go of items that have not been rechecked and eliminated after rectification

it is reported that since last year, Shanghai has carried out special rectification of glass curtain walls. From February 1 this year, the administrative measures of Shanghai Municipality on building glass curtain walls came into force. This "method" makes it clear that if the owners of existing glass curtain wall buildings fail to perform their obligations of regular inspection, safety appraisal, maintenance and protective measures as required, the construction administrative department shall order them to make corrections within a time limit; If it fails to make corrections within the time limit, it shall be fined not less than 30000 yuan but not more than 100000 yuan. Since the high temperature in summer this year, there has been no accident caused by the self explosion of curtain wall glass

the main cause of curtain wall glass self explosion

according to the project plan, "in summer high temperature season, due to the obvious temperature difference between indoor and outdoor, it is easy to induce glass self explosion." Jimhawkins said that the relevant person in charge of the communication committee said that the glass curtain wall falling accidents in Shanghai in the past were mainly caused by the self explosion of the curtain wall glass. Once the curtain wall glass explodes, it will not fall as long as it is disposed in time within 3 to 4 hours. Therefore, the high temperature in summer is particularly important for the inspection of curtain wall glass. In addition, the service life of glass curtain walls is generally about 10 years, and is affected by the climate environment and installation level. If the exterior wall materials of "over age service" cannot be reinforced, they should be replaced

what to do about the bursting of glass curtain wall

1. In case of bursting of curtain wall glass, the owner or the property service unit entrusted by the owner shall report to the local construction administration department within 60 minutes of the incident and take emergency disposal measures

2. If the curtain wall glass bursts or falls, the owner or the property service unit entrusted by the owner shall report the incident to the local construction administration department within 30 minutes

3. If the curtain wall glass bursts and falls, causing damage to personnel or property, the owner shall not only organize personnel to rescue immediately, but also report to the district construction administration department and the municipal curtain wall office within 15 minutes of the incident

"glass rain" accident playback

at about 12:45 on May 18 last year, a "glass rain" suddenly fell downstairs of Lujiazui Times financial center. On the 46th floor, a tempered glass curtain wall with an area of about 4 square meters suddenly burst, causing damage to nearly 50 cars in the downstairs parking lot to varying degrees, and the most serious whole windshield was broken

at about 15:30 on July 18, two months later, the glass curtain wall burst again on the 43rd floor of the Times financial center building. After the incident, the glass curtain means that lighter and stronger parts and components can be listed faster. The wall contractor reinforced and protected the broken area, and implemented the glass replacement operation. Zhonghua glass () Department

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