In the hottest year, 4.3 million cartons were save

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4.3 million cartons per year! China Resources Yibao promotes bottle cap suppliers to change packaging

release date: Source: China good packaging

recently, China Resources Yibao released the "China Resources Yibao 2019 social report". In the report, China Resources Yibao revealed that in 2019, it achieved a revenue of 10.396 billion and a profit of 863 million; The packaging improvement project of raw material suppliers (bottle caps) implemented by the procurement department of the headquarters saved about 4.3 million cartons throughout the year

in 2019, China Resources Yibao achieved a revenue of 10.396 billion

the full name of China Resources Yibao beverage (China) Co., Ltd. is a professional beverage enterprise under China Resources (Group) Co., Ltd., headquartered in Shenzhen. In 1990, China Resources Yibao launched "Yibao" brand purified water nationwide, becoming one of the early domestic enterprises specializing in the production of packaged drinking water

at present, China Resources Yibao has become a well-known large FMCG enterprise in China. Its product categories include purified water, mineral water, milk tea, coffee, functional drinks, lactic acid drinks, fruit drinks, etc., and it has many famous brands such as "Yibao", "Jialinshan", "magic", "Honey Lemon", "small main bacteria", "grape holiday"

in 2019, China Resources Yibao achieved a revenue of 10.396 billion, down 39 million from 10.435 billion in 2018; The profit was 863million, an increase of 136million from 727million in 2018. By the end of that year, China Resources Yibao headquarters had 17 functional departments, including 9 branches, 9 self owned factories and 32 OEM factories, with more than 12000 employees

promote the packaging improvement of bottle cap suppliers

in order to actively respond to national environmental protection policies and relevant laws and regulations, China Resources Yibao actively promotes the concept of green procurement, green packaging and green transportation, gives priority to the purchase of environmental labeling products with less negative impact on the environment, and conveys the values of green environmental protection and sustainable development to relevant parties

specifically, all suppliers are required to complete the construction of relevant environmental protection supporting facilities in accordance with the reply to the environmental impact report form and the acceptance opinions on completed environmental protection facilities issued by the local environmental protection department. Incorporate the environmental assessment report, environmental assessment acceptance report and sewage discharge license into the qualification review requirements of new suppliers, and build a green supply chain system

with the determination of apparent (volume) density of foamed plastics and rubber gb/t6343 ⑴ 995, in 2019, the procurement department of China Resources Yibao headquarters implemented the packaging improvement project of raw material suppliers (bottle caps), changing the disposable carton packaging to cage packaging. This project saves about 4.3 million cartons and about 4 tons of base paper in the whole year. Due to the cost pressure and lightweight requirements of the target customers and the whole vehicle, 000 tons of packaging waste is reduced from the supplier side, realizing the circular link of the supply and production system and green production

grow together with suppliers

in the process of development, China Resources Yibao is committed to growing together with partners. In 2019, strengthen the supplier review, implement the supplier inspection mechanism, review from the supplier's on-site management, quality control, safety production and other aspects, discuss the improvement points with the supplier on site and issue the rectification plan. Until the end of the year, the supplier rectification completion rate reached 92.7%, improving the supplier's comprehensive management ability

at the same time, China Resources Yibao carried out inspection training for important material suppliers, timely publicized the standards and inspection requirements to suppliers according to the update of Yibao material standards, provided training for suppliers with weak quality control ability, and improved the quality management ability of suppliers' production links. By the end of 2019, the incoming qualification rate of raw and auxiliary materials had reached 99.74%

in addition, China Resources Yibao also actively pursues the localization procurement policy, and the bulk of raw materials required by the company's production are directly purchased in the factory location, which not only reduces transportation costs, but also drives more local people to achieve entrepreneurship and employment. Taking Ningxiang factory as an example, the purchase distance of embryo injection and carton supporting the factory is no more than 100 kilometers, which effectively improves the employment rate of personnel within 100 kilometers

strengthen the implementation assessment of suppliers

of course, as a large terminal enterprise, China Resources Yibao also attaches great importance to the integrity assessment of suppliers that must comprehensively consider energy efficiency, environmental protection and product quality, and bring integrity management into the requirements of supplier selection; Oppose unfair competition and promote the implementation of core values of China Resources Yibao; An integrity agreement is signed with the national material suppliers as an annex to the contract, which stipulates that the employees of both parties are honest and self disciplined, and shall not seek private interests, conduct business gifts, or obtain undue benefits in the process of bidding, bid negotiation, bid winning, contract signing, contract performance, contract payment, contract settlement, etc

CR Yibao also carries out monthly assessment and assessment notification for raw material suppliers, comprehensively evaluates suppliers every month according to their supply timeliness, quality qualification rate and service status, and pushes the future situation of monthly assessment to suppliers through the supplier communication platform, so as to promote suppliers to correct and improve in time and follow up supplier performance; Actively guide suppliers to pay attention to resource protection, safe production, green procurement, etc., and drive suppliers to jointly perform their responsibilities; Promote supplier production management and production quality improvement

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