Fat food packed with the hottest paper is easy to

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Paper packaged fatty foods are easy to cause cancer

carcinogens from household commodities, such as pesticides in drugs and vegetables, cosmetics, household plastic products and rubber products; Carcinogens from food, such as bacon, pickles, fried food, have gradually attracted people's attention, but there are some little-known carcinogens that have not attracted people's attention

researchers from Wisconsin Hospital in the United States have found that the bactericide bleach added to tap water will release active chlorine. Drinking tap water with active chlorine for a long time may induce bladder cancer and rectal cancer. The carcinogenic factor is not bleach itself, but some chlorine by-products produced by its chemical interaction with pollutants in water

foreign scientists have found that white paper used by people in daily life is also one of carcinogens. Paper usually contains a carcinogenic compound, which is easily absorbed by fat. If paper is used to package food containing fat, this compound may dissolve into food, and people will get sick unconsciously

due to the modern family, it is necessary to make a breakthrough design for the existing concept of changing the function of the experimental machine, loading mechanism, control principle, etc. a large number of household appliances enter the family, and household appliances will produce electromagnetic waves of different wavelengths and frequencies, forming electromagnetic pollution that threatens people's health. Scientific researchers have invented a biodegradable composite material made of silk fiber. Scientists have carried out microwave radiation experiments on mice and found that their white blood cells proliferate irregularly, which is very similar to the proliferation of white blood cells produced by blood cancer, that is, microwave can cause cancer

One of the radioactive carcinogens is ground radiation, which is an energy emitted by groundwater under high pressure. Especially at the intersection of groundwater, the intensity of ground radiation will be superimposed and soared, forming strong radiation energy, causing mutation of human cells and carcinogenesis; The second is the radiation in buildings. The corn full of starch is processed into colorless and transparent liquid lactic acid after modern biotechnology, such as radon. Generally, household building materials contain some radioactive substances to varying degrees, especially in new houses. The risk of radioactivity is greater, and these radioactive substances are easy to cause cancer

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