Fault analysis and troubleshooting of the control

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Fault analysis and troubleshooting of crane control line motor

① adjust the current of the relay to 2257 of the rated current of the motor~ 250^; ② Check the mechanical department

① the knife switch is not closed and the emergency switch is not closed; ② The fuse of the control circuit is burnt out; ③ The control handle is not put back to the zero position

① close the switch; ② Check and replace the fuse, and check whether the circuit has voltage with a pencil; ③ Put the controller handle back to the zero position

the temperature of the motor rotor rises, the stator has large current impact, and cannot reach full speed at rated load

① poor contact between winding ends, neutral points or parallel windings; ② Poor connection between winding and slip ring; ③ There is no need to use copper wire due to poor contact in brush instruments; ④ Poor contact in rotor circuit

① check all welds to eliminate external defects; ② Check the connection between winding and slip ring; ③ Check and adjust the brush instruments; ④ Check the connecting wire. The acceleration is not the actual demand, but to the rotor contact and starting resistance in the contactor or controller

① check the connecting wire system; ② Check the stator, heavy pressing and overlapping stator core; ③ Replace the bearing; LCD large screen liquid crystal display ④ saw off the expanded wedge for statistical analysis in group style, and replace the shrinking one

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