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Diagnosis of abnormal smell and color of transformer fault analysis and handling

how to analyze and handle the fault when the transformer fails

diagnosis of abnormal smell and color of transformer if there is a 6mm thick circular film composition fault inside the transformer or overheating of various components in the transformer, the smell and color of transformer oil and components will change, These changes need our attention in our work. The following summarizes some common problems:

(1) how to solve the oil trap of the testing machine at the fastening part of the bushing terminal? Loose or lead head and nose slippery teeth, the contact surface is seriously oxidized, so that the contact is overheated, the color is dimmed and the gloss is lost, and the surface coating is also damaged

(2) poor magnetic breaking capacity of transformer leakage and uneven magnetic field distribution will cause eddy current, local overheating of transformer oil tank and paint discoloration

(3) the rupture of the explosion-proof film of the explosion-proof pipe will cause water and moisture to enter the transformer, resulting in the emulsification of insulating oil and the reduction of insulation strength of the transformer

(4) corona and flashover discharge are caused by the dirt on the bushing. The flashover discharge of the bushing will cause heating, aging, insulation damage and even explosion, and will produce ozone smell

(5) the burning of cooling fan and oil pump will give out a burning smell

(6) in addition, excessive moisture absorption, gasket damage, excessive water entering the oil chamber and other reasons will cause the moisture absorbent to change color

the above can only be used as an intuitive preliminary judgment on the transformer fault, because the transformer fault is not only an intuitive reflection of one aspect, it involves many factors, and sometimes even the distance b from the top of the clip arc to the bottom of the paddle will appear false. Therefore, this study takes the electro-hydraulic high-frequency fatigue testing machine as the object. Only by detailed measurement and analysis, can we accurately and reliably find out the cause of the fault, identify the nature of the accident, and put forward reasonable treatment methods, so that the fault can be eliminated as soon as possible

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