Fastest mechanical screen printing machine

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In order to meet the requirements of the current printing market for printing machines with fast speed, high efficiency and good quality, Shenzhen kuangqi printing equipment Co., Ltd. recently launched the fast mechanical printing machine kq-e5070, which integrates high-definition products at the speed of 30 sheets/minute, and overprints accurately. Its characteristics are as follows:

1. The speed regulating motor and speed reducing motor made in Taiwan are used to control the up and down movements of the machine; The fuselage frame has a solid structure, and the surface is treated with baking paint. It is corrosion-resistant, which more effectively reduces maintenance, and has minimal mechanical noise, making the whole machine close to perfection

2. Adopt inclined arm type two-way connection Jinan assaying professional production Vickers hardness tester rod to promote the printing action, making the whole machine more stable, more precise and faster

3. The speed regulating wheel on the left hand can be operated synchronously with the printing, which improves the environmental protection and energy-saving technology. At the same time, it has been paid attention to in the film blowing machine machinery industry, and the inconvenience caused by the adjustment of the printing machine in the past

4. Three side braking function makes the operation of the whole machine safer and more reliable

5. The automatic synchronization system can more effectively complete the precise printing of fine lines and ensure the high definition of dot printing

this machine is suitable for printing packaging boxes (frosted), ice cream boutiques, all kinds of ceramic decals, sample release paper, self-adhesive, motorcycle, automobile, bicycle stickers, water transfer stickers, etc

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