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Rapid system implementation method and application of flexible integrated manufacturing

[Abstract] Aiming at the technical foundation of most enterprises and the application requirements of advanced manufacturing, a flexible integrated manufacturing technology system is established, and the application components and series of products are developed in a modular manner. A systematic method of rapid engineering implementation is proposed, and the application effect is obvious

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at present, China is a large manufacturing country, but it is not a manufacturing power, and the technical foundation of manufacturing industry is relatively weak. In order to better meet the needs of rapid development of new products, the processing and manufacturing industry has established precision machining workshops one after another, aiming to meet the rapid and variable batch precision machining of key parts of high-tech products. Due to the adoption of the idea of design and manufacturing integration for planning and the systematic application of the technology and method of flexible integrated manufacturing, good application results have been achieved

1 development of flexible integrated manufacturing application system

through the investigation of structural adjustment of some key enterprises, it is found that the manufacturing industry still has the following problems to varying degrees:

(1) low efficiency of process design and long production preparation time. Part design has popularized the application of two-dimensional and three-dimensional software, but the design information sharing is insufficient, the efficiency of process design is low, and there is still great blindness and lag in tool preparation and tooling design

(2) the utilization rate of numerical control equipment is low. The starting rate of numerical control equipment in precision machining workshops of some enterprises is very high, but the effective working time is very low, because the frequent replacement of processing programs and tooling in the trial production of multiple varieties takes up too much processing time and increases the auxiliary processing time

(3) the level of production management is backward. The operation plan and production information management are traditional manual records and statistical methods. Repeated copying is time-consuming and often leads to data errors. It is difficult to accurately grasp the completion of the plan, scrap rate and other production conditions, and information cannot be shared

to solve the above problems requires enterprises to vigorously apply flexible integrated manufacturing technology. Experience has shown that the application of manufacturing systems with different levels of flexible integration can increase productivity times, reduce the trial production cycle and cost of new products by 1/3 ~ 1/2, and systematically improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises [1]

combined with the development of the application project of basic manufacturing technology, in the implementation of an enterprise, the following application systems are designed and developed:

(1) network and database support subsystem (nds:network and database support system, including organization, facilities, network and database environment)

(2) engineering design integrated system (eds:engineering design integrated system), with CAPP as the core ×× Key parts cad/capp/cam integrated application), as shown in Figure 1

(3) manufacturing control & management subsystem (MCMs), which emphasizes the importance of information integration and human-machine cooperation ×× Flexible integrated manufacturing system management of key parts), as shown in Figure 2

the overall information integration is based on Fast Ethernet and MS SQL Server 2000 database management system. The upper layer realizes the integration of product design and process design, and realizes the integration of design and manufacturing through process information, manufacturing resource information and production plan information. The bottom workshop manufacturing consists of CANbus and RS232 to form a field control bus. The operation mode is 3. The grating digital deformation measurement sensor adopts the form of Integrated DNC. The system does not set up logistics, does not pursue overall automation, and focuses on information integration. The operation process emphasizes man-machine cooperation. 11 personnel stations are set in MCMs, including 7 operator stations, 1 tool preparation personnel station (also the system maintenance personnel), 1 material management personnel station, and 2 system management personnel stations

after nearly 7 months of operation evaluation in two stages, it is proved that the load rate and comprehensive utilization rate of machine tools have been significantly improved, the process preparation time has been shortened by more than 37%, and the production efficiency and management level have been significantly improved after the machine tools are combined. With the support of perfect computer network and database system, the integration of design and manufacturing information has played a systematic support and guarantee role in the production of key parts of high-tech products

2 Research on the technical method system of flexible integrated manufacturing

2.1 significance of the research on the implementation method of flexible integrated manufacturing

in the 21st century, the personalized needs of customers are more obvious and strong. The production mode based on Mass Customization and personalized customization requires that manufacturing equipment, manufacturing process and management process should be flexible. In terms of integration, It will develop from the information integration and function integration within the manufacturing system to the process integration of the whole product development and manufacturing, and gradually enter the stage of enterprise integration. Digital enterprises require to pay attention to the integration of control network and information network, and realize computer collaborative work and information sharing [2]. The flexibility and integration of manufacturing process is still an important feature and main development trend of manufacturing industry in the 21st century

flexible integrated manufacturing is ultimately realized through a system, involving production system design. Ouyangming said that manufacturing information integration and system operation control are many aspects. If it is completely developed for individual enterprises, it is time-consuming and laborious, and the reliability of the implemented system is not easy to guarantee. Therefore, it is of great significance to study and develop the system implementation method of flexible integrated manufacturing

2.2 definition of technical method system for rapid implementation of flexible integrated manufacturing system

rapid flexible integrated manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing technology that takes rapid process design as the guide, takes numerical control technology as the core, and takes network communication control and management as the platform to efficiently complete the processing, manufacturing, assembly, testing and other processes of enterprises with multiple varieties and varying batches. At present, flexible integrated manufacturing system, the main production organization mode of mechanical manufacturing industry to meet the dynamic needs of the market and the rapid renewal of products, has the characteristics of high efficiency, flexibility and shortening the preparation time for production. The implementation of flexible integrated manufacturing mainly depends on the flexibility of equipment, process, organization and management, the reconfiguration ability of the system and its rapid system implementation

in order to better develop the system application module with general functions, the flexible integrated manufacturing system is divided into network database support subsystem, product process rapid design subsystem, rapid production organization and management subsystem and flexible integrated manufacturing control subsystem. The technical method system of rapid implementation of flexible integrated manufacturing system also includes the corresponding internal and external environmental conditions, such as standards, specifications and enterprise proprietary knowledge. Through basic research and engineering application practice, the technical method system for implementing flexible integrated manufacturing system is proposed, as shown in Figure 3

Figure 3 technical method system for rapid implementation of flexible integrated manufacturing system

the definition of this system clearly describes the functional composition and internal relations of the system. Combined with national conditions, it focuses on application and does not need to be equipped with automatic logistics devices. Using component technology to develop application modules can greatly save the implementation cost of enterprises

3 fast system implementation method to realize flexible integrated manufacturing

3.1 subsystem function design of flexible integrated manufacturing

(1) network database support subsystem to realize flexible integrated manufacturing

in the enterprise intranet, fast Ethernet technology is used to connect functional departments, workshop field control room and workshop field NC equipment to the same network. In order to ensure the transmission performance of the system in the interference environment, The shielding system design is adopted in the implementation, and special consideration is given to the ability of the system to resist external electromagnetic interference and the electromagnetic interference radiated by the system itself. The application system development adopts the object-oriented method, and the data source interface is configured as Oracle and SQL server respectively, providing users with a complete database solution

(2) product 1. Price -- the main factors affecting the price are: the transmission function process rapid design subsystem of force sensor, material pipe clamp, body and tension machine

according to the process analysis of typical parts and the research of enterprise process design needs, establish a process resource database, customize the corresponding process card template, create typical processes, and complete the development of retrieval CAPP Tool System; Aiming at the processing feature analysis of main products, create the processing feature library, and complete the development and application of generative CAPP system based on feature extraction

(3) rapid production organization management subsystem

through the analysis of production organization management process of typical enterprises and the demand investigation of rapid production organization, develop a universal production management module, including production plan management, job task allocation, tool (quantity) management, integrated NC program file management, production information statistical query, man hour accounting, etc

(4) flexible integrated manufacturing control subsystem

this is a key part of the application of rapid flexible integrated manufacturing engineering. Through the design of functional modules such as NC equipment network communication service, NC program transmission control, operation status monitoring, task completion information return, and the application of NC machining multi-function machine tool auxiliary controller, the machining system and process design Information integration of production management and joint operation control of workshop CNC equipment

3.2 development of multi-function machine tool auxiliary controller to realize flexible integrated manufacturing

the most prominent problem facing China's manufacturing industry at present is the low efficiency of the production system [3]. Through rapid process preparation and NC equipment joint operation management, we can realize rapid production conversion and improve system efficiency. The specially developed multi-function machine tool auxiliary controller can realize the Integrated DNC function, and one computer can realize the communication with all NC equipment. When the DNC host is unattended, the operator can realize the communication dialogue with the DNC host at the NC equipment end, which is highly efficient. When the scale is expanded, it is easy to add new equipment to the integrated control system, and a master computer can control 128 NC equipment at most, Good scalability

the auxiliary controller of multi-function machine tool is a series of specially developed products. It can connect machining centers and simple numerical control equipment with different numerical control systems to the fast Ethernet through RS232. The download of NC program can set the transmission rate according to different system requirements, and can apply for tasks at the machine end and return task completion information. In order to effectively evaluate the processing/production efficiency [4] and obtain more plant bottom-level information, the advanced type can also store NC programs, record the start-up and shutdown time of the machine tool and the running times of a program, and directly report the running status and fault information of the machine tool to the control room in real time

3.3 discussion on the system implementation method of flexible integrated manufacturing

(1) according to the above definition of flexible integrated manufacturing technology method system, the corresponding standard modules and serial products are developed by using modular design ideas and component technology, such as the open process resource manager, the auxiliary compilation system of part classification and coding standards, the retrieval CAPP template process, the feature base Generative CAPP module of knowledge base and expert system; For the rapid production organization management, we developed the operation plan and task allocation module, production management module and tool management module; NC program version management and transmission module, equipment running status monitoring module and database interface module are developed for flexible integrated manufacturing control

(2) connect the database with the configuration file, develop the database interface function module, and realize the connection of different databases by modifying the configuration file without modifying the program [5]. set up

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