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21700 battery industrialization speed-up

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recently, smart energy said that the cylindrical 18650-3100mah power cell of Far East foster, a wholly-owned subsidiary, has entered the pilot stage; The company has introduced two 21700 lithium battery production lines, mainly from Japan and South Korea. At present, it has entered the trial production stage. It is expected that the whole line will be completed in September to achieve mass production

"21700 battery will become the core weapon for far east foster to compete for the domestic power battery market." Yang Chuang, executive deputy general manager of Far East foster, said that while the production line was being built, the 21700 products of Far East foster had been sent samples to many interconnected car manufacturers. With the application of Tesla, the introduction of 21700 in China was accelerating

as Yang Chuang said, both the model application and capacity construction of 21700 batteries in China have taken a step further than in previous years. In addition to far east foster, recent battery and pack enterprises such as Lishen, BIC, Mengshi technology, Tianpeng power supply, Anhui taineng, Zhengyun new energy have announced their progress and plans in the 21700 field

Lishen: in the new products of the 310th batch of road motor vehicle production enterprises and products announcement announced by the Ministry of industry and information technology on July 17, Lishen battery has equipped BAIC (Changzhou) Automobile Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Shengbao Automobile Industry Co., Ltd. with a pure electric refrigerator car and a pure electric postal car, which are produced by Suzhou Lishen 0ah ternary battery

previously, Lishen battery has successfully equipped 21700 batteries for pure electric logistics vehicles and pure electric passenger vehicles of Nanjing Jinlong, BAIC Changzhou and JAC. Among them, JAC iev6s sports pure electric car with 21700 batteries has been mass-produced and put on the market. The driving range under comprehensive conditions is 310km, and the maximum driving range under constant speed is 390km

on July 4, Lishen battery (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suzhou Lishen") announced that in June this year, Suzhou Lishen achieved a monthly sales revenue of 107 million yuan, an increase of more than 160% month on month. This is the first time that Suzhou Lishen has achieved a monthly sales revenue of more than 100 million yuan since it was put into operation

according to the data, Suzhou Lishen was founded on June 12, 2014, with a total capacity of 15gwh for power batteries. The project is divided into two phases, with a total investment of 2.1 billion yuan. At that time, after many studies and demonstrations by Lishen Research Institute and technical committee, Lishen executives decided to adjust Suzhou, the East China base project, to 21700 power battery production line. Among them, the first phase of the 21700 power battery project with an annual output of 4gwh started construction on April 15, 2016, and has been put into operation in July 2017

at present, the daily output of Suzhou Lishen 21700 batteries is more than 400000, and the monthly output is more than 10million. Suzhou Lishen said that with the continuous improvement of production capacity and direct delivery rate, the monthly output of 20 to 25 million tubes can be achieved by the end of the year, and the annual output is expected to be 160million tubes

BIC: Recently, Dr. Luo Zhaojun, chief engineer of BIC battery, revealed that the 21700 cells of BIC battery have completed many offline internal tests, and the 4.8ah21700 cylindrical battery has begun small batch samples. It is expected that large quantities of products will be shipped in the fourth quarter of this year, and it is planned to launch 5.0ah products by the end of the year

lion Technology: at present, the first phase 1gwh18650 battery production line planned by lion technology in Zhao'an, Fujian has been put into operation. 5. A 18650 battery and two 21700 battery production lines in the second phase are being put into operation. 1 In the construction of improving product quality, the production capacity is 5gwh, which is expected to be put into production within the year

for 21700 batteries, Mengshi technology chairman Chen Lewu said: "now it is in small batch production, and it can be put into production around the end of the year, with a capacity of 3gwh. Our 21700 cell energy density can reach 225wh/kg, and then the energy density will continue to improve. The ultimate goal is to achieve an energy density of 300wh/kg by 2020."

Tianpeng power supply: Recently, SAIC GM Wuling popular model Baojun E100 upgraded Baojun E200 entered the publicity stage. Tianpeng power supply said that like the supporting Baojun E100 model, Baojun E200 will also be equipped with NCA system 18650 battery independently developed by the company. In the future, with the development of SAIC GM Wuling pure electric vehicle series to class A and higher-level models, Tianpeng power supply will accelerate the launch of nca21700 series cells and formulate relevant production expansion plans to meet the higher performance requirements of customers such as endurance mileage

it is understood that the existing capacity of Tianpeng power supply is 3gwh, of which 2gwh can mass produce NCA and 811 high nickel cylindrical batteries, and 2gwh capacity will be expanded by the end of this year. This part of equipment has been delivered and installed in succession. It is planned to continue to expand 3gwh capacity in 2019, mainly to produce high nickel 21700 cylindrical batteries

Anhui taineng: the company is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nanjing haiyixing science and Technology Co., Ltd., China's new chemical material industry is about to enter the rapid development stage. According to public information, Anhui taineng's long-term plan is to build a ternary power lithium battery production line with an annual production capacity of about 10gwh. The project plans to invest 5billion yuan and be constructed in two phases. The first phase of the project is designed to produce 21700 cylindrical power lithium battery cells and supporting vehicle battery packs with an annual production capacity of 4gwh

Zhengyun new energy: according to the lithium battery patrol survey of Gaogong in May, in order to further enhance the company's market competitiveness, Zhengyun new energy is introducing new products and new design schemes. Taking the lead in introducing 21700 battery upgrading battery system is the key to its participation in market competition in 2018

according to Wang Peng, assistant general manager of Zhengyun new energy, 21700 has certain advantages over 18650 in reducing manufacturing costs and improving system energy density. "The company is currently designing a new pack system scheme for a new energy logistics vehicle of a host factory, using 21700 batteries produced by a large domestic battery, which is currently in the process of development." Wang Peng revealed

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