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Tianjin has developed a multi-functional fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping film

the national "Ninth Five Year Plan" key spark plan project and the Tianjin "Ninth Five Year Plan" key scientific and technological research project - the multi-functional fruit and vegetable fresh-keeping film has been successfully developed in Tianjin recently. This is a new achievement in the fresh-keeping technology of fruits and vegetables in Tianjin

multi function and the use of 3D printing technology can effectively reduce the cost. The main function of fresh-keeping film is to automatically regulate the air and keep the peak value between 125g and 175g wet. At the same time, it has the functions of mold prevention, insect repellent, packaging, decoration and so on. Depending on the permeability of plastic film, we can maximize the specific content of each verified marketing statement of agricultural products, breathe oxygen, improve the concentration of carbon dioxide, delay the aging of agricultural products, and achieve the purpose of long-term preservation

this technological achievement has many characteristics, such as simplicity, energy conservation, practicality, small investment scale and so on. It is suitable for the storage, transportation, marketing and preservation of agricultural products all over the country, especially the preservation of fruits and vegetables of farmers in origin, and also for the shelf preservation of fruits, vegetables, grains and flowers in urban households

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