The two most popular new pure natural energy drink

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Two new types of pure natural energy drinks are listed

leading brands recently announced that it will launch pure natural sports drinks named Trek and functional drinks of nitro for the U.S. and Canadian markets

trek tastes slightly sweet and does not have a strong syrup taste like other drinks. Pressing the "stop National Aeronautics and Astronautics Laboratory (NAL)" button quickly and letting go can help the human body quickly absorb the nutrition in the drink to supplement energy. Trek has four flavors: orange, apple, lemon and blueberry. Nitro is a non carbonated beverage. Its unique formula can help the human body recover quickly. Nitro also has three flavors: grape, blueberry and strawberry. The circular bottle caps of these two drinks are conducive to bottle packaging and transportation, and more importantly, they are convenient to carry

ralph McRae, CEO of leading brands, said: "Our new products have been developed for many years. It has been proved that they can effectively supplement the internal energy loss of athletes. More importantly, the beverage ingredients are all natural. From the perspective of packaging, the bottle size of functional drinks is getting larger and larger, from 8 oz to 1 oz, so that our knowledge can be used in mixing, design and molding processing. 6 oz, larger packaging models can occupy more market share. Therefore, we Nitro introduced a 20 oz bottle body

information source: modern packaging

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