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How to purchase label printing equipment

the processing technology of modern labels is very complex. End customers often only pay attention to the needs of commodity performance and process requirements. Label processors should select appropriate processing equipment according to their needs to meet the requirements of end customers. At the same time, they have to bear the dual pressure of end customers' price reduction and huge investment in fixed assets, Therefore, the choice of printing equipment becomes more and more important for the development and development of label processing enterprises

fundamentally speaking, label processing enterprises must start with the basic requirements of end customers, carefully analyze the needs of end customers (including potential needs), and obtain key data. For example, the characteristics of processing materials, color management requirements, use requirements, and processing process requirements, and then according to the positioning of the label processing enterprise, gradually find its own best process route and equipment configuration, that is, the most suitable input-output mode

it has been proved that many good label processing enterprises have gradually found their own positioning and competitive advantages in the process of business development. Of course, there are also trade-offs. The key is to consider issues from a competitive and long-term perspective

it is not easy to make a label. The main reason is that the current label processing technology is complex and has high quality requirements. In view of the fact that most of the high-end self-adhesive labels of many brands of FMCG are processed online by rotary flexographic printing machines, let's briefly talk about how to select appropriate printing and processing equipment according to different effects:

bronzing and metal effects

1. About gold and silver ink

many printed products are printed with metal ink. At present, most printed labels are printed by flexographic printing or embossing. Metal ink requires a large amount of ink. If printing metal ink, it is recommended to use a large amount of ink transfer and stable flexo printing method. UV drying is recommended for drying. In this way, the disadvantages of uneven ink transfer and thick ink layer due to the embossing printing method can be avoided. What needs to be paid attention to is that the setting, adjustment, installation and disassembly of the embossing roller pressure of the flexo printing machine should be simple and reasonable. It is best to have a separate motor drive, which can ensure constant movement when changing orders

2. About bronzing

at present, it is divided into cold bronzing and hot bronzing. If the bronzing shape is relatively simple and it is paper bronzing, the cost of hot bronzing is low, and it is more economical to use hot bronzing. Moreover, blanching can be completed synchronously on the flat pressing die-cutting machine. Unless there is a large order or the shape is complex, online blanching can improve the yield, or it can be completed offline

if the film is bronzed, the advantage of cold pressing is obvious. First of all, there is little difference between the costs of cold stamping and hot stamping materials. Secondly, when the design of bronzing patterns is more complex (such as irregular patterns and large patterns), the cost of plate making by rotating hot stamping will increase a lot, and the plate making cycle will also be long. However, the cold pressing design can be printed before ironing or printed after ironing. It is flexible and fast online. Moreover, the hardware cost of cold pressing is not high, mainly in combination with UV drying and glue. With the increasing promotion of material suppliers and the accumulation of experience in use, it is believed that the development of this method will have a better prospect. On the more advanced flexographic printing machines at present, for example, in the cold pressing test conducted in China for the model 3000 of Andy Mai, the online speed can reach more than 120 meters per minute, and it is a drawer design, which can be interchanged with any station

if there is a gap between the screw rods of different materials, the printing requirements for future experimental data

1. For the self-adhesive paper label materials of paper materials

the tension requirements for the self-adhesive paper label materials are not very high due to the backing paper. For flexographic printing, the equipment investment is not very high. In addition, flexographic printing has the advantages of convenient cleaning, short time for changing and changing the ordering unit, and stable and consistent ink color. However, it is recommended to choose the operational amplifier to destroy the efficient hot air drying form. Compared with UV ink printing, ink cost and energy are saved. In addition, for transparent self-adhesive label materials, the printing ink layer shall not be transparent, and there are also requirements for backing. It is better to use stork wire device on-line, or use Praxair's special large ink volume texturing roller, and. Compared with relief, the ink layer is thicker

Metallographic and flaw detection equipment

2. For paperless film materials

it can be said that the advantage of flexographic printing online processing is that it is very flexible. It can add a variety of printing processes, with higher efficiency, stable ink transfer, consistent color, fast order change and conversion, and is suitable for short versions. This determines the competitiveness of machine group flexographic printing flexographic printing in the label processing industry. However, it is its light pressure characteristics that also determine that when the unit flexographic printing film materials, The total cost of the machine will increase. To add complex tension systems, membrane components, and even servo mechanisms. How to overcome the cost pressure? At the same price, the key to evaluate the accuracy and stability of a machine is to consider the structure design, tension system design and temperature management system of the machine

take the konco flexographic press, which is good at printing film materials, as an example. Its core printing mechanical structure design is the key. The pressure is well controlled during high-speed printing, and its flexographic printing effect is comparable to that of offset printing. Figure 1 shows a postcard (line 175) printed by Concord, which is brought back from Japan. It is a mass-produced product. The pressure hardly fluctuates during high-speed printing. Stable tension control, reasonable structural design, advanced easy-to-use and accurate processing, and efficient drying and water cooling system are the core of the high-speed and efficient operation of the on-line process, as well as the most important factors to consider the cost performance

other requirements

1. Product collection

some products need to be rolled into rolls, some need to be rolled into sheets, and some need to be die cut to produce finished products. It should be pointed out that for the collection of in mold standards after die cutting, if the accuracy and yield can be solved, offline is a better solution, which can give play to the advantage of online printing speed. Otherwise, online die cutting requires the purchase of special collection equipment. Although the investment is larger, the relatively improved production efficiency is still worth it. After all, a machine that can drive more than 100 meters can only drive 20-30 meters. The waste of hardware is higher

2. Glazing and pressure oil pump off (red) coating

glazing is the best choice if film coating is not used. As mentioned earlier, UV ink should not be used in the printing process if water ink can be used. If water ink is used for printing, water ink can also be used for glazing. For the polishing and field coating of some pharmaceutical label products, ink is the best choice. The color is stable and it is easy to spray print the product batch number and production date. However, in the selection of equipment, the performance of hot air drying, the adjustment of air volume, the principle and mode of drying, etc. should also be fully considered. There are also some other seamless printing, which usually has a large amount of ink and needs to be considered in drying

3. Embossing and protruding text

embossing effect is the most convenient and inexpensive to complete in the die-cutting station of the unit printing machine, but the process is very critical and needs to be treated carefully

if online silk is used for outstanding text effect, the cost is higher. It is recommended to complete a large number of printing. If the small batch orders are taken down and then the off-line silk screen printing machine can also be used, but pay attention to the control of the yield

4. Special function labels

multi layer labels, bookmark labels, RFID, and multi station complex die cutting labels are all strengths of online processing. However, it involves non-standard processing and OEM component cooperation, which is complex. It is recommended to consult professional suppliers to discuss the feasibility and economy of the scheme in detail

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